EcoPods launch their high-quality alternative to a permanent build at The National Ploughing Championship

EcoPods are a new Irish company, who in advance of their national launch are bringing their new product to the National Ploughing Championship on 17-19 September in Ballintrane, Fenagh, Co Carlow. This will be an opportunity for visitors to tour two EcoPods – one set up as a living space and one as a working space – and speak to the experts.

EcoPods have worked with a German manufacturer to develop and create high-quality and energy efficient pods which are specially designed for the Irish market, climate and people. The premium self-contained living spaces are an alternative to a permanent build – with a 30 year structural guarantee, these pods are the perfect accommodation solution. The pods come with a high spec kitchenette and shower room installed and are low/no maintenance – and arrive ready for furnishing making them an incredibly flexible option. Ecopods work as single pods or as a cluster development.

Speaking in advance of the National Ploughing Championships, Dave Skelton, General Manager at EcoPods said, ‘We are delighted to be bringing EcoPods to the Irish market, we developed this product for people and businesses who want to expand their living or work space but don’t want to undertake a potentially costly, disruptive and time consuming construction project. EcoPods are the ideal solution as they don’t require complex foundations, they are low maintenance, energy efficient, arrive ready to furnish and move in and importantly represent good value as a low cost solution to a permanent build’.

‘With well over 200,000 due to attend the National Ploughing Championship it is the ideal place to showcaseEcoPods. The beauty of the EcoPods is that they are incredibly versatile – so if you have an need for some extra living or working space then come to Stand 579 Block 4 Row 25 and see how EcoPods could be the perfect solution to your need for space’.

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