Expression of Interest Exhibitor Questionnaire 2024

Exhibition Questionnaire 2024

2024 National Ploughing Championships
17th, 18th & 19th September 2024

The National Ploughing Association takes the processing of your data very seriously. We do so in accordance with the GDPR and for legitimate business purposes. Your information will be disclosed to third parties but ONLY those who are directly associated with NPA events and no others. We may send official communication via social media, electronic messaging, email & mobile. We cannot always control further distribution or misuse of this data by external organisations but make every effort to prevent it. The NPA’s Data Protection and Privacy policy is available at .

Give brief but detailed description of your business
Give brief but detailed description of products/services for proposed stand
Sale of Second-hand Products /Goods: The Sale of s econdecond-hand goods/products is NOT permitted. Please confirm NO products/goods on your exhibition stand will be second hand *
Will FOOD form any part of the exhibit? *
ONLY Promotion of product only and offer of tastings is permitted

Sale of food for consumption on site is not an option due to catering franchise in place

We offer two types of exhibition space. Outdoor space or Indoor space. Please refer to documentation on Indoor & Outdoor Rates for further information. NPA will determine if suitable for indoor or outdoor space, largely depending on your product and availability of space. In order to assist us in some cases where one may be suitable to either option – please indicate your preference:
Will sale of CLOTHING (safety or otherwise) form any part of the exhibit? *
Will sale of HURLEYS form any part of the exhibit? *
Will sale of TOYS form any part of the exhibit? *
If your proposed exhibit comes under any of the above please indicate where you normally sell the product? *
Has the above company exhibited at the Ploughing Championships in previous years? *
INSURANCE – Please confirm below insurance cover can be provided if and when requested Confirmation of Public Liability €2.6 million – Employers’ Liability Insurance €13 million Specific – Indemnity to National Ploughing Association *


1. Once returned to us fully completed it will go to our exhibition team for review. Once reviewed we will revert back to you with outcome. Reviews usually take 5 – 10 days but may be longer.
2. NPA have final say if approved onto our mailing list as an intending exhibitor.
3. Certain categories in particular retail may be fully booked from previous year.
4. Sub categories may be over subscribed and in these cases permission to exhibit will not be granted e.g. sale of specific items
5. If Questionnaire is approved, you will be added to our mailing list to receive booking details specific to you and given the opportunity to book exhibition space. Bookings will open early 2024.
6. Priority will always be given to agri related companies
7. Sharing /subletting of trade exhibition space is not an option. 8. By completing this form, you agree to the National Ploughing Association contacting you in relation to exhibition 2024 National Ploughing Championships