“A home that ticks all the boxes”

Big Red Barn will next month introduce their new home to the market. A home that ‘ticks all the boxes’ – affordable; faster to build, low carbon footprint, customisable, reduces building waste by 52% and is delivered in a turn-key condition.

Using modern methods of steel-frame constructionfrom fully and independently certified designs, the off-site manufacturing process significantly reduces overall construction time and costs. The house meets all Part L building regulations, designed to create an almost ‘zero energy’ home.
Because these modular homes are factory manufactured, they can be completed in a matter of weeks as opposed to months and years as is the case with conventional building. The house building is not subject to on-site delays due to poor weather conditions or unavailability of contractors or specialist skilled labour.
These homes have a 70% less carbon footprint than conventional buildings where waste to landfill is a major issue. They are also easier to heat and have significantly less on-going energy bills.

The homes being launched include a two-story dormer and a single-story bungalow and the designs can be customised to meet the individual customer’s requirements. They are delivered as a complete turn-key solution with no other contractors required on site. All the customer will have to do is purchase furniture and appliances before moving in.
The overall cost of the homes will be significantly less than traditional built homes with insurance premiums the same as for site-built homes.
The new home will be officially launched by Anna Mae McHugh (Managing Director of the National Ploughing Association) at 2pm on September 17ththe first day of this year’s event in Co. Carlow.

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