Bord Na Móna

Partnering with the National Ploughing Championship to bring sustainable solutions to live events.

Waste collection and management is of upmost importance at live events. Such events can generate a significant amount of waste, including food containers, beverage cups, promotional materials and more. Unmanaged waste can pose safety, hygiene, and fire hazards. Proper waste management helps maintain a clean and safe environment for attendees/staff and promotes a positive image. Proper waste management also ensures that an organiser adheres EU and Irish regulations, avoiding potential penalties. For this reason, Bord na Móna Recycling have been selected as the waste management partner for the National Ploughing Championship for over 19 years, forging a trusted relationship. Chosen for our reputation for managing waste in a sustainable manner together we sought to encourage more recycling, composting, and correct disposing of waste to help the National Ploughing Championship reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability at their event. By proactively adopting sustainable practices and revamping their waste management process the National Ploughing Championship could not only improve attendee experience but also ensure compliance with future legislation and regulations. A number of new sustainable initiatives have been implemented in conjunction with key successful waste management services;

  • A site visit and in depth waste plan was devised with the National Ploughing Championships to ascertain waste management needs, bin quantities, collection schedules and signage requirements.
  • We are providing 1000 x 240L general waste and recycling bins and a number of 1100L bins.
  • These are strategically located at key footfall areas across the site.
  • Recycling Stations have been created to neatly house bins and detail what waste goes in each bin so that patrons can dispose of their waste correctly.
  • To ensure waste streams are segregated and to help reduce contamination of recycling bins a number of measures have been introduced;
  1. All bins are clearly labelled and colour-coded for each different waste type
  2. Recycle points for all waste types are clearly labelled
  3. Suitable recycling bins are available throughout the main event area
  4. Food waste bins are provided at all concession stands and main areas
  5. Special compactors are on site for cardboard and general waste
  • Cooking oil containers are provided so all food and trade stands can dispose of their cooking oil in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Skips and compactors are provided for larger waste. Roll on roll off skips are used for pre-clean and clean up after the event, along with timber ROLO’s.
  • Compactors with bin lifters are used to collect bins at the end of each day.
  • Waste is sent to Bord na Móna Recycling facilities in Tullamore and Portlaoise for processing. Recyclable material is segregated, processed and sent to a licensed waste recovery facility for recycling.
  • Designated Bord na Móna Recycling staff are deployed on site during the championships to attend to any potential emergencies.
  • A fleet of bin lorries and helpers work during the night to collect all waste, ensuring the site is spotless and ready for the next day.