UCD are delighted to attend the ploughing again this year and would appreciate any support that you can offer.

During the course of the three days we have a number of activities planned. We will have live food science experiments in our marquee each day. We are launching our new Undergraduate Prospectus for 2020 which is always an important documents for potential agricultural science students each year and we are calling on Alumni to drop by and provide video testimonials to us over the three days.

We plan to launch our Research Seminar Series on Wednesday afternoon and on Thursday morning we hope to celebrate a recent award that we won at the School for our commitment to Gender Equality – the Athena Bronze Award. Given the challenges that we have had attending the ploughing in terms of resources etc due to the date clashing with Higher Options we would be delighted if Anna May and Anna Maria might be available on Thursday morning to join us for a photo with some members of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee, perhaps around 10am / 11am. We are commitmented to Gender Equality in the Agriculture and Food Industry.

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