Ploughing 2022 gearing up to be a roaring success as exhibitor bookings are pouring in.

Over 80% of the final 2019 outdoor trade exhibition space is already booked. At this stage of the year some categories are completely full, while other areas have limited space available and  there are still 7 weeks to go until the big event so based on historical evidence there will definitely be more outdoor bookings over the next couple of weeks – as there always are.

Indoor exhibition stands are 95% of the final numbers when compared to 2019 and again there are bookings still flying in.

NPA Managing Director Anna May McHugh said “it is wonderful to see all of the returning exhibitors and to welcome the large volume of new exhibitors who will be partaking at the first ploughing since 2019, we continue to make a determined effort to improve exhibitor and visitor experience alike and again this year will be no exception with 37 km of metal roadways, hundreds of staff making the event a great experience for everyone that passes through the gates over the 3 days.

Returning after a full 3 year gap – and in the aftermath of the most devastating global pandemic in my lifetime – we are back and we are hosting a World Contest on our comeback with international delegations from 28 counties from right around the world and exhibition figures to date on a par with August 3rd 2019 – I honestly never imagined we could have had such a strong comeback and yet here we are  -all credit to our fantastic and loyal exhibitor base.”