Samco SoilMaster


Samco is a multi-award-winning agricultural manufacturing company based in Adare, Co. Limerick which is changing the face of Maize corn growing – not just in Ireland but worldwide. Samco has recently introduced the SoilMaster to their range of machines.

The SAMCO Soil-Master is an innovative 3 in 1 machine which allows the operator to grade and level the soil, collect unwanted stones and spread grass seed. The machine was designed to speed up grass re-seeding. This is a cost effective manner in which the operator can now preform three operations with one machine. Using the SoilMaster lowers the risk of compaction which can have a major effect on the crop growth.

The 3 metre SoilMaster is designed to suit a tractor from 120 – 180hp. The position and angle of the front blade gives The SoilMaster the ability to cut into the ground and create its own soil, which is a unique feature unlike other levellers on the market.

There is no obstruction to soil passing through due to the high position of the main towing frame. The high sides also eliminate spillage of the soil when it flows through the machine.

At the rear of the machine there is a hydraulic attachment which is adjustable from the operator’s seat; this is designed to hold back stones which can be collected at the headlands and to break clods of soil as they pass through the machine. The SoilMaster will create a level, firm seed-bed ready for grass-seeds.

See the NEW Samco SoilMaster at this year’s National Ploughing Championships on the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Stand.  For further details contact SAMCO on +353 61 396176 or visit the machinery section on our website

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