Peter McVerry Trust – Empty Homes Panel – Thursday 19th September

Event:  Panel Discussion on Empty Homes and the Reviving of Ireland’s Rural Towns
Date & Time: 11.00am, Thursday 19th September 2019
Location: Row 36, Block 4, Stand 692

Event Details:
Peter McVerry Trust will host a panel discussion looking at how we can regenerate rural towns and villages by reusing empty buildings.

The panel will be moderated by Joyce Fegan, of the Irish Examiner, with panellists Alison Harvey of the Heritage Council, Paul Johnston of Waterford County Council and Aoife Corcoran of Peter McVerry Trust.

The event will look at the challenges facing rural towns, how empty homes can play a key role and what steps need to be taken to get buildings back into use. Each of the speakers will be able to highlight successful reuse examples.

Peter McVerry Trust – Rural Homelessness Report Launch – Tuesday 17th September

Event: Launch of Peter McVerry Trust’s Report on Rural Homelessness
Date & Time: 11.00am, Tuesday 17th September 2019
Location: Row 36, Block 4, Stand 692

Event Details:
Peter McVerry Trust will publish a new report examining rural homelessness in Ireland. The report will look at the number of people now impacted by homelessness and the factors driving rural homelessness outside of Irish cities. It will set out five new measures to tackle rural homelessness.

The main speaker at the event will be Pat Doyle, CEO of Peter McVerry Trust.


UCD are delighted to attend the ploughing again this year and would appreciate any support that you can offer.

During the course of the three days we have a number of activities planned. We will have live food science experiments in our marquee each day. We are launching our new Undergraduate Prospectus for 2020 which is always an important documents for potential agricultural science students each year and we are calling on Alumni to drop by and provide video testimonials to us over the three days.

We plan to launch our Research Seminar Series on Wednesday afternoon and on Thursday morning we hope to celebrate a recent award that we won at the School for our commitment to Gender Equality – the Athena Bronze Award. Given the challenges that we have had attending the ploughing in terms of resources etc due to the date clashing with Higher Options we would be delighted if Anna May and Anna Maria might be available on Thursday morning to join us for a photo with some members of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee, perhaps around 10am / 11am. We are commitmented to Gender Equality in the Agriculture and Food Industry.

World’s 1st Mist-Sensation Shower

OMCO HIGASHINIHON INTERNATIONAL T/A AMANE HEAVENLY RAIN are delighted to launch the “World’s 1st Mist-Sensation” Shower and the “World’s 1st Shower Tab” for the first time outside Japan at the National Ploughing Championships in Ireland. Come visit our stand in THE HUB (stand 648) you’ll be amazed at the difference this innovative shower makes to any shower!

World’s 1st Mist-Sensation Shower
amane in Japanese literally means “Heavenly Rain” and delivers an experience to match! Using 615 x 0.19mm precision holes amane Shower Heads create a “Rain-Mist-Sensation”, generating twice the power yet saving 24%-35% water! An experience to enjoy everyday!

Balancing Power with Water-saving is key the a great shower experience and this is only possible with OMCO’s high precision nano-engineering and Japanese quality standards. amane’s unique 0.19mm spay holes ( a World’s 1st) help optimise the water-saving effect at around 35% and using 615 spray jets (another World’s 1st) helps increase shower power up to 2x, even in low water pressure areas, helping get you soaking wet and rinsing hair quicker!

amane is simple to install – simply twist off your old shower head and replace with an amane Mist-Sensation Shower. amane is suitable for most showers (including electric and power showers) and is priced as an affordable luxury starting at €79.99.

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New HOT TAB – kinder to you, kinder to the environment…

New Hot Tab “all-in-one” hair and body solution helps leave your hair and skin silky soft and naturally clean! No soap. No shampoo, pH neutral. Fragrance free and colour free!

Experience the gentle cleansing power of Hot Tabs Bio Shower!
Have you ever wondered what is in your soap or shampoo? Eliminating unnecessary substances is more important than adding. Hot Tab studied the health benefits of traditional Japanese Spas, and acts through its natural formula with bicarbonate ion on skin, so you can enjoy the 5-in-1 benefits in the comfort of your home. Hot Tab’s “triple ion” Bicarbonate Bio Shower (biocarbonate ion + hydrogen ion + vitamin C) promotes inner beauty by increasing blood flow and circulation – helping your natural beauty shine through!

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amane was born in the land of the Rising Sun near Mount Fuji outside Tokyo… and was invented by OMCO EAST JAPAN LTD an innovative water filtration and bottled water company established over 45 years ago.

OMCO East Japan Co., Ltd. has been committed to developing quality, innovative, “water-conscious” related products, including water purifiers, filters, showers and drinking water ever since 9th March 1974.

OMCO look for new innovative solutions that harness the power of water yet stay in harmony with nature and the World around us!

Water is a vital source of life. It is important that we protect this natural resource and find more ways to live in harmony with nature.

OMCO products offer more choices for everyday life that aim to be both kind to you and kind to the environment. Water has many amazing properties and OMCO have developed a new brand “amane” to bring more innovative solutions to market that you can enjoy everyday.

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