FRS Launch New Approach to Farm Staff Management

FRS Farm Relief are launching the new Farm Staff Partnership at the National Ploughing Championships this year.

The Farm Staff Partnership is a fresh new approach by FRS to help farmers manage their year-round staffing requirements.

Farmers now have the opportunity to get their staffing needs assessed by FRS farm staff management specialists and improvement plans put in-place. The vision is to provide a consistent FRS worker all year round for the days the farm needs them, with a commitment from all parties – FRS, staff member and farmer. This model will offer all year-round work to attract workers and while every farmer may not need fulltime staff FRS can co-ordinate the continuity of work between a number of farms.

Many farm staff want the stability of all year-round work and this new partnership will provide this opportunity, without it they would potentially seek employment in other sectors. Farmers require guidance to help them manage their staffing requirements and to adapt to the labour supply market and FRS will provide this.

FRS have researched the market and have identified that there is a disconnect between the supply and demand for farm staff and will assist farmers to assess their individual workload throughout the year and make recommendations to best suit their farm. Work on dairy farms is often seen as seasonal with peak demand from February to May coinciding with our spring calving season. All industries must adapt to market shifts and it is apparent that many workers want longer term continuity of work and will no longer be available on a seasonal capacity.

Under the partnership the farmer commits to taking on an FRS farm worker for the days per week required on a continuous basis through the year. FRS guides the farmer through the process and reviews the contract throughout the year. Sickness and accident support with a death and capital benefit and cashflow planning are also part of the partnership. Members also have the opportunity to be part of the annual Farm Staff Partnership Awards. The complete package will lead to better efficiencies on the farm with safety and personal benefits for the farmer and family, and more job security of the farm staff member.

Peter Byrne, CEO, FRS Network said “As the main provider of farm staff to farmers in Ireland it is imperative that we attract workers to work or come back to working on farms. Farmers and FRS have to compete with other industries for the available workforce as our economy reaches almost full employment. Job security and continuity of work are key factors for any worker and farming must be seen to offer these to attract people into our industry. 

FRS have responded to the changing needs of the industry and hence the development of the FRS Farm Staff Partnership and farmers now need to change the way they plan and manage their staffing requirements. Farmers need to take a look at their yearly workload and realise that they need to commit to FRS to secure staff on a longer-term basis. We have farm staff management specialist in each local office fully prepared to assist the farmer through this change process.”

FRS are calling on all potential farm workers to visit them at the ploughing to talk about the job opportunities that are opening up through this new Farm Staff Partnership approach and welcome all farmers to come to the stand (Row 4, Stand 92) to find out how the partnership can work for them.

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