AgriNet Celebrates 25 years

AgriNet, also known as IFC is celebrating 25 years in the agricultural I.T industry this year. AgriNet prides its self in keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to real–time herd and cash flow management, as well as Grassland management for international clients.

The National Ploughing Championships is the ideal place to launch new and innovative products and services and this is where HerdApp was launched back in 2017.  Two years on – HerdApp is the market leading software app for recording health data nationwide.  

AgriNet contribution to total ICBF health recording in 2018:

  • 69% Mastitis
  • 51% Lameness

Profitability, Efficiency & Labour Saving are all topics that are discussed daily on farms all over the Country. HerdApp ticks all these boxes and with end result beingSustainability. The information flow to and from HerdApp is of a whole new standard when compared to other products on the market – it takes information from ICBF, AIM & Co-Ops and relates this data back to the farmer in a real time, straightforward manner. This ensures better decision making on farm with all information available and at the touch of a button.

The National Ploughing Championships 2019 will see the announcement of a brand new partnership with Lakeland Dairies & HerdApp, where Lakeland suppliers can now view their milk tank data automatically. Suppliers of other Co-Ops can enter their data manually for now, but every farmer that milk records their herd can view their results free of charge.

Selective Dry Cow therapy and the use of antibiotics is extremely topical at the moment and HerdApp automatically takes information such as SCC from Milk recording results and individual cases of mastitis recorded in the herd and generates a report showing cows that are eligible for SDCT. This tool alone showcases HerdApp’s innovative and sustainable approach to farming in Ireland.

AgriNet will showcase their two software products – Cashminder&HerdAppat this year’s Innovation tent – demonstrating how simple & straightforward sustainable farming can be – if you use the right tools.

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