A variety of interactive science shows and workshops will be on offer for event goers of all age groups including science magic shows, workshops etc.

In addition to this we will be promoting the range of education and public engagement programmes that Science Foundation Ireland offer including:

What have we in the marquee?

– Smart Futures (www.smartfutures.ie) promoting STEM careers to students in Ireland. It provides access to careers information and role models to students, parents, guidance councillors and teachers.

– Science Week is Ireland’s biggest annual promotion of science to the general public. The week-long programme of events across Ireland each November aims to make science more interesting and accessible to children and adults alike. (www.scienceweek.ie)

– 16 world-leading SFI Research Centres Science Foundation Ireland funds 16 world-leading, large-scale SFI Research Centres – that represent major economic impact for Ireland, with €428m Exchequer funding and €228m industry investment. They are focused on research in areas such as advanced materials, bio-engineering, pharmabiotics, medical devices, photonics, software, data analytics, Internet of Things, marine renewable energy, geosciences, and solid-state pharmaceuticals, aswell as foetal and neonatal translational research.

– Discover call Funded Projects – Meet some of SFI Funded projects – Dublin Maker, Royal Society of Chemistry, Cell explorers , Physics Buskers etc

At Science Foundation Ireland, we believe in the ability of science, technology, engineering &maths to effect positive change in the world and drive a sustainable international economy

Theatre Shows – every hour ( on the half hour) daily from 09.30- 4pm

– Bubble Show Join Scientific Sue on a very slimy scientific journey of discovery and find out about the amazing science and engineering which is linked to the magical world of
bubbles. Using lots of volunteers the secret ingredients which allow us to turn soap solutions into amazing colour changing bath bombs, bouncing bubbles and unbelievably huge bubbles will be revealed. Who knew bubbles would allow us to learn about electric forces, solids, liquids and gases, acid – base reactions and gooey, slimy polymers.
Bubbles: Big, small, bouncing, touchable, floating, sinking. Bubbles hold many wonders and create lots of excitement!

– Your beautiful biased brain
Psychologist James Soper presents this fast-paced, interactive show that will literally turn your world upside down. We take our brains for granted but they are the most amazing machines in the universe. Brains do incredible things, but they also take short-cuts that mean sometimes what you see, hear and feel is very different to the actual world around you. Learn about the latest in brain imaging and research in a show that will blow your mind.
Interactive Activities in the Marquee
– Physics Buskers- “busking performances” involve interactive experiments and demonstrations selected for maximum engagement, excitement and education.
Hands on Workshops for kids with take home kits to try at home: daily at 9.45am, 10.30am, 11.15am, 12pm, 12.45pm, 1.30pm, 2.15pm, 3pm

• Tuesday – Food Is Funky
• Wednesday – Cell Explorers – Discover your DNA
• Thursday – Chemistry Maker workshop Making spectrometers


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  • Economic Impact of over €35 million