We will be showcasing our Equine suite products and research on increasing milk yields in cows by 9% using a mobile lighting device. Dr. Barbara Murphy, CSO and Founder will be on site the 19th & 20th (Wednesday & Thursday) fielding questions about our ground-breaking research. 

Background Info:

Equilume, part of the Circadian Group, head quartered in County Kildare, Ireland, is the world leader in the development of science-based light therapy solutions designed to maximise health, growth and performance in horses. Leveraging the global success of its initial market offering, the Equilume Light Mask and Equilume Stable Light, the company’s R&D activities have seen it expand into the indoor and mobile lighting market for the dairy industry. 

Through Equilume’s experience in equine and understanding of the effects of light on animal performance, we aim to deliver innovative science-based lighting products across new animal sectors. These products will produce higher performing farms with much improved animal welfare, while creating a better environment for animals. 

Our continuing breakthrough research has now identified the precise threshold level of light delivered to a single eye to suppress the hormone melatonin levels in cows. Initial trails of the newly developed Bovine Light Mask have seen a 9% increase in milk yield and will offer a substantial improvement in production efficiency for pasture based dairy enterprises.


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