Irish Skin Foundation Experts at NPC 2017

Do you have questions about your skin? The Irish Skin Foundation dermatology team will be on hand this September at the National Ploughing Championships to answer all your skin related questions. The dermatology Clinical nurse specialists will be offering guidance, advice and information as well as providing free one-to-one consultations throughout the three day festival.

The ISF works to improve quality of life for people with skin conditions by providing support and information on how to manage conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, acne and many others. They remind us of the dangers of the sun for outdoor workers, how to protect our skin from sun damage and importantly, what to look out for when checking your skin for warning signs of possible sun damage or skin cancers.

You can find the ISF team each day at the Dunamaise & Nore – Health & Wellness Marquee (Block: No 2, Row No: 29, Stand No: 644, Unit: 2)

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