The CaballisEqui-Feeder was developed by 16 year old transition year student Daniel Carroll. The idea arose as a result of Daniels own experience with colic in one of his horses. Having searched for over two years for a solution to reduce the risks of colic and similar illnesses, Daniel decided he was just going to have to come up with a solution himself.

After testing the feeder on his own horses and scientifically proving its effectiveness at not only reducing the risks of colic but a whole range of other common digestive problems, Daniel entered the feeder in the BT Young Scientist. It was there where it gained great recognition by winning two awards including the prestigious Veterinary Council of Ireland award. The invention later went on to win a Nova UCD award, Offaly student enterprise award and best innovation at the national student enterprise awards held in Croke Park in April.

Having been interviewed on Morning Ireland earlier in the year, both Daniel and the CaballisEqui-Feeder have gained recognition amongst equestrian experts and professionals alike, not to mention Olympic Bronze medallist Cian O’Connor who said, “The CaballisEqui-Feeder is a new and innovative solution to many digestive problems faced by performance horses. I have used it with my own horses and would highly recommend it.”


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