Daily shows in our theatre on the hour daily from 9 – 5 they alternate between  Scientific Sue Shows & James Real Science of the circus

Daily workshops with Fab Foundation Ireland

Interactive displays with the Research Centres ( 4 centres attending each day)

Scientific Sue Shows

Have you ever wondered why bubbles float? Why bubbles are round? What the secret ingredient in bouncing bubbles is? To answer these questions and many more come and join Scientific Sue in her Bubble Laboratory.

The REAL Science of the Circus a live science show like no other. Performed by James Soper, the juggling scientist, The REAL Science of the Circus is a spectacular combination of top quality circus skill and science education. James is a Guinness World Record holding juggler, fully qualified teacher and ex-professional circus performer and he demonstrates the forces curriculum in a way that is guaranteed to enthrall and inspire in equal measure.

  • Physics buskers – inside and outside the marquee Our “busking performances” involve interactive experiments and demonstrations selected for maximum engagement, excitement and education.
  • Fab Foundation Ireland Every half hour from 10 am – 4pm we will be running walk in workshops with Fab Foundation Ireland to learn about printing and making aa 3 d whistle ( pics attached )
  • Smart Futures (www.smartfutures.ie<http://www.smartfutures.ie>) promoting STEM careers to students in Ireland. It provides access to careers information and role models to students, parents, guidance councillors and teachers.
  • Science Week is Ireland’s biggest annual promotion of science to the general public. The week-long programme of events across Ireland each November aims to make science more interesting and accessible to children and adults alike.(www.scienceweek.ie<http://www.scienceweek.ie>)
  • 12 world-leading SFI Research Centres   Science Foundation Ireland  funds 12 world-leading, large-scale SFI Research Centres – that represent major economic impact for Ireland, with €355m Exchequer funding and €190m industry investment. They are focused on research in areas such as advanced materials, bio-engineering, pharmabiotics, medical devices, photonics, software, data analytics, Internet of Things, marine renewable energy, geosciences, and solid-state pharmaceuticals, as well as fetal and neonatal translational research.


  • 1700 Exhibitors
  • 240,700 Visitors
  • Over 300 Competitors
  • Almost 2 million feet of Trade Space
  • Economic Impact of over €35 million