• Innovative Irish beauty drink from female natural beauty entrepreneur
  • Don’t inject collagen – drink it


If you want to fight the signs of ageing, don’t rush to the surgeon for injectables and fillers.  YourBeautyTonichas everything your skin needs to boost beauty thanks to key ingredients collagen and hyaluronic acid – the building blocks of youthful skin.

Collagen is a protein in skin that acts like scaffolding; it holds everything else up.  Unfortunately our bodies stop producing collagen in our mid-20s, and by the age of 30 our collagen levels drop by 1%-2% a year.  Once we reach the age of 50, we have lost up to 40% of the collagen from our skin.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

YourBeautyTonic is a potent mix of premium collagen and hyaluronic acid –another vital skin component that boosts moisture levels for younger-looking, plumper skin.

Clinical trials show our collagen:

  • Improves skin moisture level
  • Improves skin smoothness
  • Prevents wrinkle formation
  • Improves skin suppleness*


And YourBeautyTonic is not a one-trick collagen pony, it’s bursting with skin-essential ingredients including vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts like Nettle Leaf and Gotu Kola Leaf, all in one box.

Created by an Irish female natural beauty entrepreneur who has worked 13 years in the natural health and beauty industry, all you need to do is add one sachet of natural, tropical fruit flavoured YourBeautyTonicto water or your favourite smoothie. Watch those lit-from-within holiday glow skin results show once you start taking it.

YourBeautyTonic costs €59.95 for 30 day’s supply and is available from independent health stores, selected pharmacies and online at yourtonic.com from June 1st.  We recommend taking YourBeautyTonic for three months for optimal results.

*Peptan Clinical Studies in Japan and France 2012


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