The Irish Holstein Friesian Association will again have a vibrant presence at this year’s National Ploughing Championships. A team of Pedigree Registered Holstein Friesian cows on display will serve as a focal point for the Association in highlighting the many services and benefits it offers to dairy farmers. The team of cows on live display are sourced from herds located locally in neighbouring counties and exemplify the tremendous efficiency, genetic diversity and variation that exists within the Holstein Friesian breed.

Cow Averages of the Holstein Friesian team of cows on display

Milk kgs Production 8,872 kgs
Milk Solids Production 664 kgs
Milk Value @ €4.60/kg MS   =0.33c/l € 3,054
Fat % 3.97 %
Protein % 3.49 %
EBI (€) 84
Classification 88.6


The day-to-day care of these Holstein Friesian cows i.e. feeding, milking and bedding always proves to be a novel attraction among all ages of those attending the Ploughing Championships. The evening milking each day inevitably draws a large gathering of onlookers within the IHFA pavillion as the familiar humming sound of the mobile milking machine signals the start of milk collection. For many onlookers it may be their first time to witness live a cow being milked.  

Thanks to local breeders for loaning their cows; Damien Brennan (Kilclonfert),Kevin Flynn (Reary), Fearghal Sullivan (Kilduff), Pat Cleary (Carrickshock), Peter Ging (Ballyclider).

The Holstein Friesian breed is uniquely positioned to be utilised by dairy farmers to add value to their business by offering high yields of milk solids, functional conformation, cow family recognition, cull cow return, generations of ancestry, and with an ability to impact positively on family income based on over 50 years of trusted & proven performance rooted in the Irish dairy landscape.

IHFA has an open herdbook which means new members are welcome to join and through its Grade-Up service can then go on to attain Pedigree status for their herd. The process involved is very simple. On thousands of dairy farms throughout the country there is an accumulation of good breeding records built up over many years. Based on such records, the Grade-Up service can provide a pathway to attain Pedigree Holstein Friesian status. It is a streamlined process to add value to these records that have been built up through the years and indeed over generations of farm families.

There will be a free draw with some tremendous prizes on offer. 1st prize is the opportunity to win a Pedigree Registered Holstein Friesian heifer calf. This could be your lucky chance to put build a new cow family addition to your herd! Entry to the draw is free, simply call in for a visit and fill up the entry form.

YMA is the organisation within IHFA that caters for young members up to the age of twenty-six. A talent base of enthusiastic young people is so important for the continued prosperity of any Association and there are many YMA events and competitions that cater for the young generation. There are local YMA clubs of like-minded young people across the country .   

 Conformation scoring and Classification are valued IHFA services in helping dairy farmers reach specific breeding goals for their herd. It is an independent, unbiased linear assessment of the functional  components of cows in your herd. The linear scores attained build-up over generations of breeding and this can help add value to cow families. The data collected is also used in conveying the message of a Bull’s transmitting pattern which all dairy farmers can asses in making informed breeding decisions. Genomic testing technology is a service that continues to expand in possibilities. All IHFA registered stock bulls receive genomic breeding values in addition to parentage verification. This increases the reliability of the figures and helps the farmer using stock bulls to make informed decisions.

Other IHFA service offerings will be on view at its Ploughing Championships pavillion.                             Staff members will be on hand to help with queries and will be happy to offer assistance.         


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