Dairymaster are the market leaders in Ireland for dairy equipment and export their extensive range to markets in over 40 countries. They have won numerous awards (see attached pdf) for their innovative milking systems and herd health and fertility software at Agri shows around the world.

Rotary milking parlours are used by large herds worldwide so the R & D scientists at Dairymaster have been working with great success making further improvements to this popular milking system.

The Dairymaster Rotaglide system which will be launched at the Irish National Ploughing Championship carries the rotary equipment and facilitates the smooth rotating movement of the plant during milking with minimal energy consumption.

This system operates similarly to the suspension system in a car, improving how loads are transferred from the rotary platform to the support structures below. The benefit for the end-user is less maintenance and better reliability.

Easier Installation, Energy Saving & Lubricated for Life

 Each roller is fully adjustable at installation to take account for differences in concrete heights during construction which means that less time is spent aligning wheels and results in a better installation.

The dynamic load bearing system evenly distributes the load regardless of the weight on the platform therefore the rotary plant requires less force from the rotary track electrical drives to start rotating the plant for milking, reducing the energy required when milking and less wear and tear.

Less friction on the track means reduced wear and tear resulting in a longer lifespan for both the rollers and the rotary track compared to current conventional systems on the market. The fact this system is lubricated for life means there is less maintenance.


For further information please contact Mary Mulvihill, Marketing Dept., mmulvihill@dairymaster.com Tel: +353 87 9328832. More information on Dairymaster is available on their website at

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