(LocationNo: 711 Row 28, Block 3)

The Tricel stand will be showcasing the latest product line of highly innovative and successful wastewater treatment plants (WWT) over the three day event. Each plant is manufactured to the highest international standards is CE certified and approved to the Irish Annex.

The Tricel Environmental range of Septic tanks & WWT plants offer the utmost in efficient treatment of domestic and commercial wastewater. They are the ideal solution for home owners, and commercial business, where mains drainage is not possible.

Tricel’s range of tanks are suitable for an array of applications including: individual homes, holiday homes, rural dwellings, extension projects, new builds, tank replacements and commercial tanks.

(Technical Support)

Tricel’s technical team will be available for the entire event to answer all wastewater treatment questions, fromnew buildinstallations, replacement tanks and commercial wastewater treatment options.

(Tricel Product line)

The Tricel Novo range of wastewater treatment – Certified to EN12566-3

The Tricel Novo tanks are easy to install and simple to maintain, with results of up to 95% clarification of effluent. These submerged aeration plants use a simple and proven fixed bed technology and are suitable across domestic, commercial or communal applications.

Tricel Puraflo range of wastewater treatment plants – Certified to EN12566-3

This is an eco-friendly and modular WWT system basedon passive bio filtration principals. Puraflo works with your existing Septic Tank, including the Tricel Vento range of septic tanks, where treated effluent requires a higher level of filtration before it returns to the ground. The system operates a peat fibre bio filter making it highly sustainable with very little or no energy consumption. 

Tricel Vento Septic Tank – Certified EN12566-1

The tanks are lightweight, have a super low profile and require little excavation for instalment. Such elements ensure a minimum disruption to the grounds and a smooth and easy transition during the installation process, as well as resulting in lower costs. The unique design of the filtration system helps to achieve an impressive 99.88% efficiency.


The competition will be held during the event with the winner receiving a Tricel Novo treatment system up to the value of €2,000. Entries will be collected throughout the event with the winner announced on the final day.



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