Machines get a makeover for next season / Choice of four- or six-cylinder alternatives at top of line / CVX continuously-variable transmission and Multicontroller options / Restyle provides opportunity to fit bigger tyres


Irish farmers are among the first in Europe to be able to examine in detail the new Case IH Maxxum range of tractors, with the new Stage IV emissions-compliant line making its show debut at this year’s National Ploughing Championships. The new machines will be first shown nationally in the UK at LAMMA 2017 in January.


As before the range comprises Maxxum, Maxxum Multicontroller (MC) and Maxxum CVX models, with each series comprising four models with four-cylinder engines, now rated at 115-145hp. In addition, at the top of the line there is a six-cylinder alternative, the Maxxum 150 and Maxxum 150 MC, which also produces 145hp.


“This is a power bracket that’s particularly popular among Irish farmers and contractors,” says Ross Macdonald, Case IH Maxxum product specialist.


“The new Maxxum models have been upgraded in a number of areas to suit this market, with features including enhanced front suspension to improve field and road ride, an exhaust brake to make hill descents safer, revised spool valve layout for quicker, easier coupling, and a redesigned loader frame to make attaching and detaching easier.”


Withpower boost available for PTO and transport applications, maximum power ratings are from 145-179hp.Stage IV emissions rules are met through the use of a Hi-eSCR system comprising selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), in line with the Case IH Efficient Power concept of achieving fuel efficiency, economy and low emissions without the use of a diesel particulate filter.


Turning power into performance

All Maxxum tractors are equipped with FPT Industrial NEF engines, with four-cylinder models featuring a 4.5-litre powerplant and six-cylinder models a 6.7-litre unit.Standard fuel tank capacity on Maxxum models is 195 litres, with a 220-litre option,while Maxxum MC and Maxxum CVX tractors benefit from a 220-litre tank with a 230-litre option. Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF/AdBlue) tanks hold 39.5 litres on all models.


Maxxum and Maxxum MC tractors are available with either16F/16R (40km/hr) or 17F/16R (50km/hr) four-range semi-powershifttransmissions, with 32 speeds available in either direction where the optional creep speed transmission is specified. Maxxum CVX models, meanwhile, feature the Case IH CVX continuously variable transmission (CVT), coupled withAutomatic Productivity Management engine speed/gear monitoring and ECO Drive minimum/maximum engine speed setting to further improve fuel efficiency.An engine brake now features on the Maxxum for the first time, to help retard the engine and reduce brake stress when driving down steep hills.


Styling with practical benefits

New Maxxum tractors have undergone a significant restyling, with new design details from the bonnet through to the cab roof. The new styling not only gives the tractors a fresh appearance, but also has practical benefits, ranging from rear mudguards which now extend over the tyres completely, and allow the possibility to fit 650/65R38 rear tyres, to new and improved headlights in the re-sculpted radiator grille and new work lights in the front and rear of the cab roof. Daytime vision is also improved by the new styling, with the front windscreen now being a single unit with an extended upper view, aiding forward visibility particularly when operating a front loader.


Operator enhancements

In the cab, alternatives to the standard seat now include optional Deluxe Comfort and Deluxe Leather versions. Cab comfort is further enhanced by the addition of a second pressure accumulator on the front axle to deliver enhanced damping, improving both road ride and field traction, and through a lengthening of the wheelbase to 2,642mm, a change which has had no effect on turning circle.


Built to handle heavy equipment

Permitted gross weight on all Maxxum models is 9.5 tonnes. To enhanceride smoothness, reduce operator fatigue and limit tractor/implement stress, an electronic vibration suppression system minimises any see-saw motion created by rear-mounted equipment. Meanwhile, implement hitching has been made easier by relocating the spool valves to the left and right of the top link bracket. In addition, the covers are now colour-coded to make them simple to identify. Standard Maxxum models are equipped with up to four mechanical spool valves, while Maxxum MC and Maxxum CVX tractors are supplied with electronic spool valves as standard, operated through the Multicontroller armrest.


Electronic assistance

Maxxum MC and Maxxum CVXmodels can be pre-equipped ex-factory for AFS™ AccuGuideautomated guidance/steering with an AFS Pro 700™ monitor, enabling installation by the dealer of GPS/GLONASS guided auto-steering, should the customer specify it. When combined with a locally-available RTK+ signal, this delivers repeatable precision to within 2.5cm. With the integrated xFill App the system can compensate for any loss of signal for up to 20 minutes.


Maxxum models are also available with the Case IH HMC II headland management system, enablingrepetitive end-of-field operations steps to be recorded and automated. On Maxxum CVX tractors, compatible implements can be operated via ISOBUS through the AFS terminal, the tractors being fitted with a Class III system which not only provides on-screen implement control, but also allows compatible implements to control individual functions of the tractor, such as its forward speed, PTO speed or operation of its rear hitch, to further improve tractor/implement combination efficiency.


Well-suited to loader work

All Maxxum models are available pre-equipped for front loader installation, with a wider front loader frame and the new single-section front windscreen aiding attachment visibility, as does a new wiper arrangement with integral washer. Turning radius when equipped with 480/65R28 front tyres is 5.5m, aiding manoeuvrability around yards.


All Maxxum models can be equipped with the full range of lighting options up to and including the 360° LED package, which provides daytime-quality illumination during darkness.


Also on the stand

In addition to the new Maxxum, Case IH will also be showing the outgoing Maxxum in the shape of the Maxxum 110, with a special end-of-line offer at the event, and a model of the outgoing Farmall U Pro range, subject to a similar offer as it makes way for the new Case IH Luxxum. Other machines on the stand include an Optum CVX 300, a Puma CVX 240 and a Puma CVX 175, a Farmall 105C and a Farmall 105A.

The new Case IH Maxxum at a glance:


  • Dynamic new design
  • Four models from 115-145hp (rated)
  • Four- and six-cylinder options on flagship model
  • Single-section windscreen and high-view roof for optimum overview of front loader operations
  • Front axle and cab suspension plus a range of seat variants
  • Ergonomically-designed Multicontroller armrest
  • All-round illumination from up to 16 LED worklights
  • High efficiency and low fuel consumption, achieved with Efficient Power, DOC and Hi-eSCR
  • New wider front loader frame
  • Up to three PTO speeds
  • ISOBUS Class II or Class III on Maxxum CVX models
  • HMC II headland management to automate end-of-row operations
  • New spool valve positioning with colour-coded covers for ease of identification and coupling
  • Maxxum MC and Maxxum CVX models can be pre-equipped ex-factory for AFS™ AccuGuidewith an AFS Pro 700™ monitor


  • 1700 Exhibitors
  • 240,700 Visitors
  • Over 300 Competitors
  • Almost 2 million feet of Trade Space
  • Economic Impact of over €35 million