Platts Animal Bedding have been supplying animal bedding to dairy farmers for more than 40 years. With a range of sawdust and wood shaving products to suit all farm systems, they can provide a solution whatever your bedding requirements.

Supplying products in bags and in bulk, the recent installation of a new bulk loading system at their production site in Wrexham, North Wales has meant an increased efficiency for bulk customers, particularly those in Ireland.

Platts’ best selling products are those specifically designed to help farmers cut their costs by using less product, and to keep cattle free of mastitis.

For dairy farmers with mats or mattresses, Powder BED ®(exclusive to Platts)– is the most economic product available, designed to keep cattle clean, dry and comfortable using just a coffee cupful of product per mat. A bag of Powder BED ® covers approximately 50 mats, making it one of the most cost-effective products on the market.

Because of the ultra-soft consistency of Powder BED ®, hock rubbing is prevented, and the talcum powder-like sawdust keeps cows comfortable as well as dry.For farmers who prefer a less dusty alternative to Powder BED ® yet are looking forthe same benefits- FineBed is the ideal option.


Working with Irish Customers…

Whilst their own diverse fleet of vehicles deliver to farms throughout England, Wales and Scotland, delivery to Ireland is arranged by the customer. Product is ordered via the Platts sales team- and is loaded by staff on site at their production facility, Wrexham- with your haulier of choice coming to collect your order. For bulk deliveries a moving-floor trailer can be loaded within the hour, using new bulk-loading technology.Alternatively, Platts can recommend external hauliers who are experienced at handing their product.

Co. Tyrone farmer Noel Bingham (Glenier Farms Limited) uses baggedPowder BED ® for his herd. Milking 400 Holsteins, cattle comfort and hygiene is of utmost importance to maximise milk yield. “As a user of Platts Animal Bedding for the past two and a half years we have found Powder BED ® to be extremely effective as a product for keeping the beds dry and therefore controlling mastitis. We use a trusted haulier to bring our load from Wrexham. Our account manager understands our requirements and we’ll continue to get our supplies from Platts in the future”.

Platts Animal Bedding will be exhibiting at the National Ploughing Championships, Tullamore, in September- visit their website for updates on stand location- and pay a visit to meet the team and discuss how Platts products can improve cattle comfort on your farm.

In the meantime, you can find out more about Platts products at and discover the perfect bedding to work for your farm systems.


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