Powerful, versatile, efficient and sophisticated. The all-new Fendt 1000 Vario Series tractor range.

Making their debut in Ireland at Europe’s premier farming event, these impressive machines are the result of grand design and unequalled attention to detail. Serious tractors for serious agri-businesses.

The Fendt 1000 Vario is the first high-horsepower tractor to have the comprehensive low engine speed concept – Fendt ProDrive. This approach has involved all the key vehicle components – engine, transmission, cooling system, hydraulics – to be precisely co-ordinated with each other during the course of development.

Each was designed and specified according to a ‘high torque – low engine speed’ principle to maximise overall performance, while minimising fuel consumption.

The four-model range spans 380hp to 500hp, powered by compact MAN six-cylinder engines . All  are equally at home when performing transport tasks at speeds of up to 60kph or, thanks to a low unladen weight of just 14 tonnes, precision drilling work.

Sean Gorman, Area Sales Manager for Fendt, explains the extent to which the benchmark for high horsepower – 400hp-plus – wheeled tractors has been raised to a whole new level by the 1000 Series.

“Firstly, take the engines. Developed using Fendt ID technology, they enable the tractor to achieve maximum torque at low revs – between 1100 and 1500 rpm – considerably less than other tractors in this power bracket. This, in turn, results in a highly fuel-efficient machine,” he states.

This level of performance is aided considerably by the Concentric air/cooling system, which makes the 1000 Series 75 per cent more efficient than tractors fitted with standard cooling systems.

The independently-driven front and rear axles perform without the need for driver intervention, ensuring maximum traction is achieved in all conditions – with great assistance from the tyres. The front tyres  are specified 710 60R38, which is a popular choice for the rear axle of many 200hp tractors, while the rear tyres are 900 65R46 – specially designed for the Fendt 1000 Series.

Ballasting is another area that Fendt has studied hard with the aim of producing enhanced machine performance. Flexible ballasting can be achieved from 14 tonnes up to 21 tonnes. But, thanks to the innovative Grip Assistant  feature, the tractor is able to calculate automatically the level of ballast required to achieve optimum overall performance.

Increasingly seen by users as a ‘must-have’ – rather than a ‘maybe’ option –  on a new tractor – the Fendt VarioGuide self-steer system delivers significant savings in costs and time. By avoiding over- and under-lapping, every inch of every field is released for maximum crop production – and not using fuel unnecessarily – while the operator has the time to monitor all vehicle functions to ensure optimum task performance.  VarioGuide offers varying degrees of accuracy to satisfy individual requirements and can be transferred between tractors.

Also present for inspection on Fendt’s stand at the Creggan event will be models from the well-established and highly-regarded 700, 500 and 300 Series tractors, together with the Fendt team, who will be happy to tell you all you want to know about these remarkable machines.



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