Emily is a family run company based in Brittany, France, for the past 40 years we have specialized in the design and manufacturing of attachments for the agricultural industry.

At Emily we specializein the design and manufacture of feeder buckets. We have developed a new innovative model with a conveyor chain. TheDis’fib has been especially designed for discharging long grass silage and also chopped grass silage, maize silage… The range offers models suitable for front end loader of tractors and telescopic handlers.

First the bucket has a distinctive feature: the patented hydraulic agitator ensures a fast and an even feeding of long grass which is unique on the market. This design reduces the pressure on the conveyor chain to prevent from wearing.

From now on a concentrate feeder can be integrated on top of the bucket, thus enabling the feeding of both silage and dry food at the same time.
Standard equipment

  • Reinforced body bucket _ Hardened heels _ Bucket with flared end
  • Top perforated rear cover for higher visibility
  • Conveyor with flat chain 80×12 driven by an oil-bath gearbox (adjustable strain)
  • Patented agitator with sections driven by an integrated hydraulic motor
  • Large hydraulic discharge door synchronized with the distribution


  • Manual or electric pressure divider
  • Silage cutter: hydraulic grab, mobile rotor
  • Right and left discharge
  • Stainless steel sheet

EMILY Advantages

  • Patented agitator: optimized silage feeding and reduced conveyor chain wearing thanks to the innovative design.
  • The fastest feeder bucket on the market.
  • Wide range from 2.00m width to 2.80m with a 1.70m3 capacity to 3,70m³
  • Top perforated metal sheet on the rear bucket for excellent visibility
  • Stainless Steel floor: no corrosion


  • 1700 Exhibitors
  • 240,700 Visitors
  • Over 300 Competitors
  • Almost 2 million feet of Trade Space
  • Economic Impact of over €35 million