2016 has seen the launch of two new Carbery Plastics products that are aimed at improving farm yard efficiency, safety and security. Carbery Plastics launched the Carbery Plastics 6,000 Litre Fuel Management System earlier this year. This system provides the ability to analyse fleet fuel consumption per vehicle and/or per driver allowing for more efficient fuel use, fuel storage and over all fuel management. 2016 has also seen the launch of the Carbery Plastics Chemical Bund Store, which provides safe and secure storage of agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and fungicides. The Chemical Bund Store is designed and manufactured tocontrolled containment of any possible chemical or hazardous spills,and meets the chemical storage requirements expected by inspectors during Department of Agriculture’s Cross Compliance and BordBia’s inspections.Carbery Plastics will be displaying the Carbery Plastics 6,000 Litre Fuel Management Systemand the Carbery Plastics Chemical Bund Store at their stand at the 2016 Plough Championships. Stand: Block 4, Row 23, Stand 572.


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