The Renewable Gas Forum (RGFI) takes the opportunity of the first day of the National Ploughing Championships 2015 to launch officially and introduce itself to potential members.

The RGFI is a new industry forum representing the interests of all sectors involved in the renewable gas supply chain and market such as production, consumers, transportation and trading across the island of Ireland.

The interim chair of the RGFI, Mr PJ McCarthy welcomed today’s opportunity to introduce the RGFI at the National Ploughing Championships and thanked BOC Industrial Gases Ireland Limited and Gas Networks Ireland for hosting the Renewable Gas Forum at their respective stands at the ploughing championships today.

“The aim is that the Renewable Gas Forum will be the go-to forum for industry, including both consumers and producers, but also policymakers in relation to the development of a renewable gas sector in Ireland, with opportunities to reduce costs and emissions and to stimulate job creation,” said PJ McCarthy.

“We are taking the opportunity of the first day of the National Ploughing Championships to let people know that we are here and open to membership, including from the farming community and agri-food businesses,” he continued.

“Renewable gas, primarily biomethane, is a renewable, green gas and is interchangeable with compressed natural gas in the gas grid. It offers opportunities for Ireland to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from farming on the one hand and to reduce our dependency on imported fossil fuels especially for heating and cooling, but also transport and electricity,” he added.

The RGFI’s website is available from today and will be rolled out as a portal for industry in the coming months. To download a membership prospectus and membership application form, please click on the “Join” option on the RGFI website.


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