NEWS RELEASE: New All-Irish EirEco Wood Burning Stove Demonstrates Next Generation Ultra Efficient Heating at Ploughing Championships

Highlights and Milestones:

  • EirEco Stoves launches Europe’s only stove that combines wood gasification and rocket stove technology, delivering truly ‘clean heat’
  • Patent Pending competitively priced EirEco stove proven to deliver outstanding 89.5% net efficiency with minimal carbon (CO) emissions of 0.16%, as certified by KIWA Gastec UK
  • The EirEco super-efficient wood burning stove was nominated in three categories in the Green Awards 2015 – the prestigious awards for Green Business and Sustainability
  • EirEco Stoves is Europe’s only stove that combines wood gasification and rocket stove technology, delivering truly ‘clean heat’
  • Proven Ultra Efficient – EirEco beats all others in its class, some by almost 40%, based on 2014 figures published by UK standards entity HETAS 
  • EirEco Stove is the first of its kind to be awarded BS (British Standards) and European Norm 13240:2001 for efficiency and CO emissions  + AMD 2:2004 EU output certification
  • New stove is the consumer’s renewable energy answer to today’s sky high heating bills
  • Office & Showroom now open in Ballydehob, Co. Cork, Post Office Building, Main Street.

September 1, 2015 – NPA Ploughing Championships 2015  – Ratheniska, Stradbally, Co Laois, Local Enterprise Village – Stand 31 – will be the Irish market launch of the EirEco stove, one of the world’s most efficient wood burning stoves, developed in Ireland by County Cork based EirEco Stoves Ltd.

The EirEco stove is a patent-pending super-efficient next generation wood burning stove for domestic, commercial and agricultural use. 100% designed and made in Ireland, EirEco Stoves uniquely combine wood gasification and rocket stove technologies with additional original design innovations to deliver truly ‘clean heat’.

EirEco Stoves Ltd. was nominated in a total of three categories in the Green Awards 2015, the prestigious awards for Green Business and Sustainability.

The EirEco Wood burning stove was nominated to vie for Green Product of the Year Award and also for Green Technology of the Year Award. Founder and Managing Director of EirEco Stoves John Fagan was shortlisted for Green Entrepreneur of the Year.

In testing carried out by KIWA Gastec, the UKAS (UK Accreditation Service)-accredited product testing and certification body, the patent Pending EirEco stove demonstrated outstanding 89.5% net efficiency and super-low carbon (CO) emissions of 0.16%.

These efficiency and low-emission levels are a measurable leap forward compared to other stoves currently available in the category (7.4kW).

The EirEco stove is proven to be the most efficient industry-approved stove of its kind available, based on comparative statistics published in 2014 by HETAS, the official body recognised by the UK Government to approve solid fuel domestic heating appliances. In like-for-like comparison with all HETAS approved stoves included in the 2014 HETAS Guide, EirEco ranks Number One for fuel efficiency, beating some by almost 40%.

How does the EirEco stove work?

The EirEco Stove uses residual heat to deliver maximum efficiency. Once a fire is lit in the burn chamber air is immediately drawn in to the system through the stove’s uniquely designed fire box. As wood continues to burn in the fire box and as the temperature rises, more air rushes in to the box to mix with the fire and hot gasses, reaching temperatures capable of burning these gasses completely. The air becomes super-heated, creating a vortex, and expands in the combustion chamber forcing the air up through the system, until the air reaches the outer chamber where it cools down and contracts. The hotter the fire burns, the greater the amount of oxygen that will be drawn in to the burn chamber. This expansion/contraction creates enough force within the stove to push hot air through the pipe at high speed, before needing to exit. The result is a cleaner more efficient burning stove which uses up to 40% less fuel to produce larger amounts of heat. Also, much less smoke and ash is produced compared to other wood stoves.

Super Efficient, Super Clean and 100% Irish

With conventional wood stoves currently on the market, you can see the clear evidence of inefficiency in the form of ash and smoke,” explains EirEco Stoves founder and Managing Director John Fagan. “On studying the efficiency and performance of today’s wood stoves, I thought there had to be a way to make the fuel burn longer, to reduce wastage and heat loss.”

By introducing gasification, with the EirEco stove we’re seeing exceptional heating performance and at the same time, delivering truly clean heat, with minimal CO output. I’m really excited to be able to bring this modern, clean and highly efficient heating system to Irish and UK consumers.”

The stove is of Continental upright design, and makes an attractive addition to any traditional or modern living space. Multiple options for installation make EirEco a flexible consumer-friendly home heating choice.

In 2014, EirEco Stoves was awarded certification by “Guaranteed Irish”, Ireland’s industry-led non-profit organisation which promotes Irish quality goods and services.

About EirEco Stoves Ltd.

The EirEco stove is the culmination of over four years of dedicated research and development by County Cork based entrepreneur John Fagan, who studied existing wood stove technology and refined it to create the EirEco stove.

After highly successful testing, in consultation with the industry’s regulatory and licensing bodies in the UK and Ireland including KIWA Gastec and Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), as well as independent subject specialists, Fagan developed the EirEco stove, setting up EirEco Stoves Ltd. in 2014 to market the new stoves to the Irish, UK and European public.

Pricing and Availability – Delivering lower heating costs for consumers

Two models of EirEco stoves are now available at highly competitive prices for consumers and home design and construction specialists in Ireland. EirEco Model 740 S (standard) is priced at €1,480. EirEco Model 740 C (convection), fitted with six additional convection tubes for even faster heating, is available for €1,750. These market-friendly price points represent value for users compared to other alternatives which are often priced at over €2,800. This combined with fuel economy add up to significant savings on the high energy bills consumers face today.

EirEco stoves are currently available to consumers direct from EirEco Stoves Ltd. Ireland: email EirEco stoves will be available in the UK and Europe in Autumn 2015.


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