The problem of rush infestation is a constant headache for farmers. They can quickly infest a field if not managed and use up the foods, space, light and moisture which should nourish profitable crops. They make harvesting difficult and reduce the grazing value of land.

The traditional flail mower has until recently been the machine of choice for the clearance of rushes, scrub and small trees. However the fuel consumption costs and the slow pace of work associated with using a flail for heavy ground clearance encouraged the people at Major Equipment in Ballyhaunis to look to other alternatives.

Major Equipment Ltd developed the MAJOR Cyclone mower specifically for rush clearance and it is suitable for set-aside, forestry margin management and scrubland control. The MAJOR Cyclone easily copes with the toughest of conditions including shrub, saplings, gorse and brush as well as the clearance of arable stubble, including maize and rapeseed crops, yet the power requirement is up to 30% less than that required by a flail mower.

The MAJOR 2.5m Cyclone Mower has been short-listed for the Innovation Arena at this year’s National Ploughing Championships. It will also be on display at the MAJOR stand at Row 16, Stand 236.


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