DPT Ireland have their national launch of new product Diesel Power Tuning at National Ploughing Championship from the 22nd – 24th September.

This product is the brain child of Wim Essing Formula 1 standard Dutch automotive engineer who has worked at the highest level in world motorsport. The founding partner Twan will be at the Ploughing Championship this year and will be available for interviews.  Also available will be Martin Dowd and Graham and David Larkin who are the UK and Irish distributers of DPT


DPT is a high-powered tuning box for the agricultural sector; it will allow the end user toenhance the performance of their existing tractor without the need for large mechanical bills and tractor down time. The tractor owner will be able to customise the tractors performance according to the farms ever changing needs;  they will be able to choose between 3 simple settings.


  • Increased engine performance,
  • Fuel savings or engine performance
  • and fuel savings of up to 7 litres per hour when in the Eco mode


DPT will also help the end user when purchasing a new machine as they will be able to purchase the engine power within their budget knowing this can be increased by up to 20% by simply fitting the DPT tuning box.


DPT Ireland are also the Irish Distributor of Terraclean Ireland which has been featured on Discovery Channels Wheelers dealers and is proving a huge success in the Irish Market.  Business owner Cathy Kelly “is thrilled to be awarded DPT distribution and can’t wait to introduce it to the Irish market at Europe’s largest agricultural event”.


  • 1700 Exhibitors
  • 240,700 Visitors
  • Over 300 Competitors
  • Almost 2 million feet of Trade Space
  • Economic Impact of over €35 million