AgriNet Celebrates 25 years

AgriNet, also known as IFC is celebrating 25 years in the agricultural I.T industry this year. AgriNet prides its self in keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to real–time herd and cash flow management, as well as Grassland management for international clients.

The National Ploughing Championships is the ideal place to launch new and innovative products and services and this is where HerdApp was launched back in 2017.  Two years on – HerdApp is the market leading software app for recording health data nationwide.  

AgriNet contribution to total ICBF health recording in 2018:

  • 69% Mastitis
  • 51% Lameness

Profitability, Efficiency & Labour Saving are all topics that are discussed daily on farms all over the Country. HerdApp ticks all these boxes and with end result beingSustainability. The information flow to and from HerdApp is of a whole new standard when compared to other products on the market – it takes information from ICBF, AIM & Co-Ops and relates this data back to the farmer in a real time, straightforward manner. This ensures better decision making on farm with all information available and at the touch of a button.

The National Ploughing Championships 2019 will see the announcement of a brand new partnership with Lakeland Dairies & HerdApp, where Lakeland suppliers can now view their milk tank data automatically. Suppliers of other Co-Ops can enter their data manually for now, but every farmer that milk records their herd can view their results free of charge.

Selective Dry Cow therapy and the use of antibiotics is extremely topical at the moment and HerdApp automatically takes information such as SCC from Milk recording results and individual cases of mastitis recorded in the herd and generates a report showing cows that are eligible for SDCT. This tool alone showcases HerdApp’s innovative and sustainable approach to farming in Ireland.

AgriNet will showcase their two software products – Cashminder&HerdAppat this year’s Innovation tent – demonstrating how simple & straightforward sustainable farming can be – if you use the right tools.


Dr. Elizabeth Berry BVSC, PhD, MRCVS, Veterinary Director with Animaxconfirms that all of their Allsure® boluses contain Selenium Selenite and authorised for use with sheep, lambs, and cattle.

Many farmers are unaware that since July 17, 2019 Selenium Selenite is the only Selenium approved by theEFSA (European Food Standard Agency)as a feed additive for use in sheep boluses sold in Britain, Ireland and the rest of Europe.

So immediately check that the product you are using complies with these EU regulations.

Grass and forage vary widely in trace element content due to soil type, pH, drainage, plant species and fertiliser use. Certain root crops are also known to be low in selenium and vitamin E. Dr Berry says that “Selenium is essential for a wide variety of immune responses in cattle and sheep and a deficiency can impact on overall production.

For example, a selenium deficiency can reduce the effectiveness of white blood cells by altering both their numbers, activity and speed getting to the site of infections. Clinical signs of selenium deficiency include late abortion, stillbirth, or weak calves or lambs with enlarged thyroids, retained placenta, low immunity to infection in all ages of cattle and reduced fertility in bulls. It may also cause muscular stiffness, recumbency, difficult breathing and poor weight gains in younger cattle. Other symptoms may include early embryonic loss or failure to implant after mating. Or a newly calved cow may have retained cleansings or an increased susceptibility to mastitis, both of which can result in delayed oestrous after calving.

Speaking at a recent technical briefing for animal health distributors Dr Berry pointed out that access to minerals at grass can be very variable, while water supplementation can make the water unpalatable. If adding trace elements to a ration you always run the risk of variable intakes. Drenches can be applied but need to be repeated frequently. According to Dr Berry “One of the most effective and convenient way is to give all animals a slow release bolus. The bolus will ensure that each animal gets the required levels to offset any deficiencies in a grazing system. Ensuring trace element requirements are met at this critical time of year will not only prepare ewes and lambs for a fertile breeding season but will also help to reduce the chance of unknown issues arising, and the associated stress. Rory Dicker, Commercial Manager pointed out that the Allsure® sheep range of intra-ruminal, leaching boluses use unique and proven leaching technology to provide slow release supplementation of the four essential trace elements (Cobalt, Copper oxide, Iodine and Selenium) at known and optimum levels for up to 6 months.

Flor Ryan, the Animaxsheep specialist says that the Allsure® sheep boluses are easily given to ruminant animals using a specially designed Animax applicator. The bolus enters the animal’s rumen-reticulum and lodges there The trace elements leach out from the bolus at a known rate and the used boluses are shed naturally.

Animax will have an attractive special offer for customers on their stand in the IHFA marquee (row 7, block 3, stand 167) during the National Ploughing Championships. Animax will give away a free bolus applicator with all bolus orders for drying off or pre tupping.

For further information please visit

“A home that ticks all the boxes”

Big Red Barn will next month introduce their new home to the market. A home that ‘ticks all the boxes’ – affordable; faster to build, low carbon footprint, customisable, reduces building waste by 52% and is delivered in a turn-key condition.

Using modern methods of steel-frame constructionfrom fully and independently certified designs, the off-site manufacturing process significantly reduces overall construction time and costs. The house meets all Part L building regulations, designed to create an almost ‘zero energy’ home.
Because these modular homes are factory manufactured, they can be completed in a matter of weeks as opposed to months and years as is the case with conventional building. The house building is not subject to on-site delays due to poor weather conditions or unavailability of contractors or specialist skilled labour.
These homes have a 70% less carbon footprint than conventional buildings where waste to landfill is a major issue. They are also easier to heat and have significantly less on-going energy bills.

The homes being launched include a two-story dormer and a single-story bungalow and the designs can be customised to meet the individual customer’s requirements. They are delivered as a complete turn-key solution with no other contractors required on site. All the customer will have to do is purchase furniture and appliances before moving in.
The overall cost of the homes will be significantly less than traditional built homes with insurance premiums the same as for site-built homes.
The new home will be officially launched by Anna Mae McHugh (Managing Director of the National Ploughing Association) at 2pm on September 17ththe first day of this year’s event in Co. Carlow.

EcoPods launch their high-quality alternative to a permanent build at The National Ploughing Championship

EcoPods are a new Irish company, who in advance of their national launch are bringing their new product to the National Ploughing Championship on 17-19 September in Ballintrane, Fenagh, Co Carlow. This will be an opportunity for visitors to tour two EcoPods – one set up as a living space and one as a working space – and speak to the experts.

EcoPods have worked with a German manufacturer to develop and create high-quality and energy efficient pods which are specially designed for the Irish market, climate and people. The premium self-contained living spaces are an alternative to a permanent build – with a 30 year structural guarantee, these pods are the perfect accommodation solution. The pods come with a high spec kitchenette and shower room installed and are low/no maintenance – and arrive ready for furnishing making them an incredibly flexible option. Ecopods work as single pods or as a cluster development.

Speaking in advance of the National Ploughing Championships, Dave Skelton, General Manager at EcoPods said, ‘We are delighted to be bringing EcoPods to the Irish market, we developed this product for people and businesses who want to expand their living or work space but don’t want to undertake a potentially costly, disruptive and time consuming construction project. EcoPods are the ideal solution as they don’t require complex foundations, they are low maintenance, energy efficient, arrive ready to furnish and move in and importantly represent good value as a low cost solution to a permanent build’.

‘With well over 200,000 due to attend the National Ploughing Championship it is the ideal place to showcaseEcoPods. The beauty of the EcoPods is that they are incredibly versatile – so if you have an need for some extra living or working space then come to Stand 579 Block 4 Row 25 and see how EcoPods could be the perfect solution to your need for space’.

For more information about EcoPods see

Electric Scooters at Ploughing for the first time

As this is our 1st time exhibiting at the Plough championship we have an amazing giveaway for the attendees to take part in.

You might have seen a lot of coverage about the legality of electric scooters on the news lately, Minister Ross recently announced a Public Consultation Process to decide if electric scooters (now classed as PPT’s) should be legalized or not.

So we are going to be giving away one of the top models of electric scooters The E-TWOW BOOSTER V (Value €1100) and all you have to do to win is send a positive submission to that PPT’s are permitted in Ireland.

We will announce the winner on Saturday evening at 6 pm after the event via our social media channels.

Blacksmith Demonstrations in the Vintage Area

I am on stand 133 by the vintage area this year. I will be doing Blacksmith demonstrations and have some pieces on display.
My primary focus is to keep my craft alive. In Ireland we have a very rich history of forged heritage ironwork, most noticeably around churches and buildings of historical interest.
I am always received very well by the farming community as there would have been a strong affiliation between the blacksmith and farmer in the past.
This year I will focus on doing workshops, to give people a hands on experience and a piece to take away with them. I’m open to all ages and I will just ask a nominal fee to cover my costs.
Please feel free to come and visit my stand/forge.

Glendun Plant Sales Limited first time ever at Ploughing

Glendun Plant Sales Limited, Dungannon, Co Tyrone, are dipping their toe in the water with their first ever appearance at a NPA event. Director of Sales and Marketing Dermot Cunnie commented : We visited the show last year at Tullamore and were very impressed not only with the footfall but with the range of exhibitors present and the excellent setup and logistics in place. We made a decision after 10 minutes that we would apply to exhibit in 2019. As main Irish dealers for Niftylift, Skyjack, TRIME, MHM and Coveya, the NPA gives us a first class event to showcase a range of equipment from the global brands we represent throughout Ireland. We are very excited about appearing and we look forward to meeting old and new customers with some special manufacturer support available on our products.”

Husqvarna Automower® Treasure Hunt!

A Husqvarna Automower® is a machine you wouldn’t be incorrect to think has come from the future, space or even better, BOTH. When the geniuses  at Sweden first came up with the concept a few heads took a sharp turn, but here we are over 20 years later. A point in human-kinds history where we are able to kick our feet up, sit back and enjoy ourselves while our Husqvarna Automower® maintains our lawn. This is instead of us having to drag out a pesky push mower or get ourselves onto a ride-on mower for roughly 2 hours a week. Reminiscing on the story behind Husqvarna Automower® the team in Husqvarna Ireland want to generate their own head turning phenomena at this years National Ploughing Championships.  That is why we’re having a treasure hunt.

You may be asking what will a Husqvarna Automower® treasure hunt consist of, well lets just say A LOT. With us having spent over 20 years talking about all the time a Husqvarna Automower® will save you, it is about time we start talking about what we recommend you do with that time. These suggestions being based on some of the pass times of the staff of Husqvarna Ireland.

To further the idea of a treasure hunt we don’t just have one stand at the National Ploughing Championships, but also have five additional satellite stands. Our main anchor stand located in block 4, row 15, stand 321 is a good base for all attendees to start at to get involved with our Husqvarna Automower® treasure hunt. From our mainstand you will be able to pick up our exclusive Husqvarna Automower® treasure map which will highlight each of our five satellite stands. With each of the satellite stands being its own themed destination for you to see what our staff do instead of mowing their lawn thanks to Husqvarna Automower®.

Where the real fun comes into our Husqvarna Automower® treasure hunt is how you engage with it. At each of the satellite stands there will be a Husqvarna Automower® maintaining the grass. In front of our Husqvarna Automower® we will have a cut-out stand-in sign depicting what our staff do with all the free time their Husqvarna Automower® affords them. We want you to take a photo behind the cut-out stand-in signs and post it to your social media account on Facebook or Instagram tagging us using the hashtag “#HusqvarnaNPC”. Don’t think we would ask you to do all that without offering something in return. If you are bold enough to participate you could be in with a chance to win a prize.

The prize will see one lucky entrant win not only their own Husqvarna Automower®, but also loads of free time as they will no longer have to mow their own lawn. Jokes aside we don’t want to leave our winner twiddling their thumbs with all the free time they’ll now have on their hands thanks to Husqvarna Automower®. To avoid a scenario of thumb twiddling we will also be giving the winner a getaway to a destination that relates to the theme of the cut-out stand-in sign that won them the competition. The getaway destination prize is of a value of €1,000.

How to maximise your chances to win the prize unfortunately doesn’t involve taking hundreds of variations of one photo at the one stand. It does however involve you going to each of the satellite stands to take a photo, which you post on either Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag “#HusqvarnaNPC”. This means you can enter up to five times.

The themes of our five satellite stands are the following;

  • Princess Paradise – for all of those who want to spend the time saved not having to maintain their lawn, maintaining their own physical appearance.
  • Mermaid’s Tale – The perfect place to express what type  of beach goer you are; are you more likely to be underwater like a mermaid or hanging under a tree protecting your pasty Irish skin from the suns rays like a sloth?
  • Smackdown – A perfect spot to make your childhood dreams of becoming a wrestling star come true.
  • The Last Rodeo – For any of you out their who are handy on a horse we can confirm the last rodeo is the right spot for you this National Ploughing Championship.
  • 19th Hole – Finally, after you’ve lived a life of adventure and are ready to take it easy, head down to our golf course to pitch a few holes. You might even spot a Husqvarna Automower® maintaining the grounds. 

Don’t be shy we want everyone to be in with a chance to win our amazing prize. But to do so you must tag us using the hashtag “#HusqvarnaNPC”, on either Facebook or Instagram.

Hyundai Power Products

We are excited to be using the Show to  launch our recent appointment as Irish Distributors for Hyundai Power Products.

The range includes Generators, Welders, Compressors and Water Pumps, all of which will be on display on our stand Block 1 Row 21 Stand 475.

Specialist technical representatives from Hyundai will be on hand to advise on product range and selection.

More on our company and the Hyundai Power Equipment range can be found on

Launch of Kildare & Leighlin Diocesan Stand at the National Ploughing Championships 2019; 3:00p.m. August 15

Bishop Denis Nulty and members of the Diocesan Ploughing Steering Group gathered today on the site of the National Ploughing Championships at Ballintrane, near Fenagh, Co Carlow to launch the Kildare & Leighlin Diocesan Stand. Bishop Denis is delighted to welcome the Ploughing Championships back to the diocese and is looking forward to hosting the Diocesan Stand 399, Block 3, Row 18, from September 17-19.

The theme for this year’s Stand is ‘Digging Deeper – Rooting for Christ’ a continuation of the diocesan campaign exploring new ways to help people understand and deepen their faith. As part of the initiative Bishop Denis has already launched a search for Ireland’s favourite prayer and has also invited people all over the country to get creative and to write a new prayer for the environment. Speaking at today’s launch, Bishop Denis, said; ‘it is fitting that we are launching our Diocesan Stand on the 15th of August, The Feast of the Assumption, a Holy Day when people all over Ireland are visiting Holy Wells and other pilgrimage sites associated with Our Lady and taking time to pray some of the well-known and favourite prayers to Mary, our Mother. I expect that many of the prayers prayed today will be submitted in our search for Ireland’s favourite prayer. ‘

Bishop Denis also noted that, ‘The Ploughing Championships takes place during the annual Season of Creation, which the Catholic Church marks from 1 September – 4 October. He went on to say; ‘We are all constantly being called to take better care of our common home, the earth, and no group is closer to the earth than those who will attend the ploughing championship. To highlight our close connection with God’s created world I am also inviting people to write a new prayer (no more than 100 words) focusing on the environment and our care and concern for it.

Bishop Nulty is extending his ‘Prayer at the Ploughing’ challenge to people of all ages and all faiths. He is hopeful that many pupils in schools all over the country will take up the challenge to write their own ‘green prayer’ while also submitting their favourite traditional prayer.

People can submit their favourite prayer and their new ‘green prayer’ by sending them to The closing date for entries is September 10. 

Visitors to the stand will be invited to vote for their favourite traditional prayer from those shortlisted. The winner of the ‘green prayer’ for the environment will be selected by a guest judge and a €100 ‘One for All’ voucher will be presented to its author.


Bishop Denis went on to talk about the joy of meeting the many people who come to the Diocesan Stand over the three days. Blessing the salt that will be distributed at the Stand this year he said: ‘One of the most popular gifts that the diocese has ever offered was the packs of blessed salt that were first brought to the event at Ratheniska. The salt was sprinkled on the land, on gardens and window boxes and over sick animals.  We know that our visitors appreciate our other gifts, wristbands and prayer cards. They enjoy our various wall displays, the chance to sit, have a cup of tea and a chat. Many people also value the opportunity to spend a little quiet time in prayer.


Commenting on the importance of the National Ploughing Championships event for the diocese, Bishop Nulty said, “Being present at the Ploughing Championships, whenever it is based in the diocese, is always an exciting time for us.  I thank the NPA Managing Director, Anna May McHugh, who is always so supportive of our participation. I thank Eamonn Tracey, our World Ploughing Champion who is with us here today and wish him well and God speed as he travels to Minnesota for this year’s event. 

Bishop Denis concluded by saying that; ‘The whole diocesan team is looking forward to a busy few days in Fenagh in September. In the meantime, I hope that many people will take up my challenge to tell me about their favourite prayer or to pen their own ‘green prayer’. “

For more on the Prayer at the Ploughing initiative see

FRS Launch New Approach to Farm Staff Management

FRS Farm Relief are launching the new Farm Staff Partnership at the National Ploughing Championships this year.

The Farm Staff Partnership is a fresh new approach by FRS to help farmers manage their year-round staffing requirements.

Farmers now have the opportunity to get their staffing needs assessed by FRS farm staff management specialists and improvement plans put in-place. The vision is to provide a consistent FRS worker all year round for the days the farm needs them, with a commitment from all parties – FRS, staff member and farmer. This model will offer all year-round work to attract workers and while every farmer may not need fulltime staff FRS can co-ordinate the continuity of work between a number of farms.

Many farm staff want the stability of all year-round work and this new partnership will provide this opportunity, without it they would potentially seek employment in other sectors. Farmers require guidance to help them manage their staffing requirements and to adapt to the labour supply market and FRS will provide this.

FRS have researched the market and have identified that there is a disconnect between the supply and demand for farm staff and will assist farmers to assess their individual workload throughout the year and make recommendations to best suit their farm. Work on dairy farms is often seen as seasonal with peak demand from February to May coinciding with our spring calving season. All industries must adapt to market shifts and it is apparent that many workers want longer term continuity of work and will no longer be available on a seasonal capacity.

Under the partnership the farmer commits to taking on an FRS farm worker for the days per week required on a continuous basis through the year. FRS guides the farmer through the process and reviews the contract throughout the year. Sickness and accident support with a death and capital benefit and cashflow planning are also part of the partnership. Members also have the opportunity to be part of the annual Farm Staff Partnership Awards. The complete package will lead to better efficiencies on the farm with safety and personal benefits for the farmer and family, and more job security of the farm staff member.

Peter Byrne, CEO, FRS Network said “As the main provider of farm staff to farmers in Ireland it is imperative that we attract workers to work or come back to working on farms. Farmers and FRS have to compete with other industries for the available workforce as our economy reaches almost full employment. Job security and continuity of work are key factors for any worker and farming must be seen to offer these to attract people into our industry. 

FRS have responded to the changing needs of the industry and hence the development of the FRS Farm Staff Partnership and farmers now need to change the way they plan and manage their staffing requirements. Farmers need to take a look at their yearly workload and realise that they need to commit to FRS to secure staff on a longer-term basis. We have farm staff management specialist in each local office fully prepared to assist the farmer through this change process.”

FRS are calling on all potential farm workers to visit them at the ploughing to talk about the job opportunities that are opening up through this new Farm Staff Partnership approach and welcome all farmers to come to the stand (Row 4, Stand 92) to find out how the partnership can work for them.

Visit for further information.


McAree Engineering

The 2019 Ploughing Championships will see the launch of a number of innovative animal feed storage solutions by Monaghan based, McAree Engineering who design and manufacture the market leading V-Mac range of bulk feed storage silos.

A new large, open top silo with a flip lid will be on display providing livestock farmers with a cost effective solution for holding home mixed feed.

 With a three M body and a heavy-duty lid incorporating a nine foot wide opening this silo with a capacity from eight tonnes, will accommodate a wide telescopic bucket.

In addition to meet the demand for extremely hard wearing silos, V-Mac Silos have developed a new stainless steel silo manufactured using their distinctive steel coil design.

 The use of an external interlocking seam on the outside of the silo creates an extremely strong silo shell out of high grade stainless steel.

This silo is targeted at customers who are using mineral and additive rich animal feeds, which can sometimes react with traditional galvanised steel silos and degrade them. 

This new silo will provide the usual feed storage benefits along with an extremely long life.

In addition, McAree Engineering will be displaying their full range of animal feed silos.

 The latest version of their standard one tonne tote bin will also on display. 

This new version is slightly larger at 1.65m3 and is designed for easier transport.

According to Eamon McMeel, the V-Mac Silos Technical Sales Manager, “our four tonne hopper is very popular we have often been asked for larger capacity flip lid solutions

– this requirement has become more acute with the continued expansion in the dairy sector and our new flip lid silo meets this niche”. 

Eamon added “we have many long standing customers in the pig and poultry sector who have been inquiring about specific solutions for some feeds. 

We have worked with our material suppliers and are happy that we can offer this solution. 

Make sure you come along to our stand Block 1, Row 3 Stand 84.

The McAree Engineering V-Mac Silo production has recently moved to a purpose built 40,000 square foot factory, which has been built alongside their state of the art sheet metal manufacturing plant in Ballinode, Co. Monaghan.


National Welly Throwing Comp with Portwest

Some of the highlights for us this year will include the firm favourite National Welly Throwing Championships which we host every year! This year we hope to have a record number attempt the challenge with local charities being the beneficiaries of the event, including Carlow Mental Health Association.  This local charity works to promote positive mental health and support the existing mental health and suicide services in Carlow.

With the support of local sports clubs in the area, Portwest is delighted to be able run this hugely popular activity which is now in its 21st year!

The National Welly Throwing Championships will be located at stand 742 on the west side of the site adjacent to the machinery demo area. We would love to invite as many familiar faces and personalities to this year’s event as possible and would love if you could pass this on to press contacts you have.


Embrace FARM – We also have chosen another charity ‘Embrace Farm’ this year to receive proceeds from the sale of our bestselling farmers boilersuit. For each boilersuit we sell at the National Ploughing Championships we will donate €5 to the charity.  Embrace Farm is Irelands only farm accident support network and works to help families, who have lost a loved one or suffered serious injury in a farming accident.


Warehouse Clear-out – This year we are also having a huge warehouse clear out event at the Portwest tent. All our current stock will still be available including the Agri essentials such as wellies, Rain gear and coveralls at great prices.  However, we will also have some excellent value on older styles and discontinued items which will be priced to clear, with leather boots from €5 and fleeces from €10 and lots more bargains!

New Doosan and Bobcat Machines at Ploughing Show 

Adare Machinery, the Limerick-based Doosan and Bobcat dealer, will have the company’s largest ever stand at this year’s National Ploughing Championships, being held at Ballintrane, Fenagh in County Carlow, Ireland from 17-19 September 2019. This is the 88th National Ploughing Championships and it will feature the most impressive array of new Doosan and Bobcat products to be shown by Adare.

The National Ploughing Championships takes place each year in the month of September. Since its inception in 1931, the show has grown in size, year on year. It involves over 1700 exhibitors and more than 240,000 visitors every year.

William Cuddy, Sales Manager at Adare Machinery, said: “We are very proud to have our biggest stand to date at the Ploughing Show and to be representatives for the Doosan and Bobcat brands at this important event. We are hoping for a very strong turnout with the growth in the Irish market and to be able to win a lot of new business at the show.”        

The highlight of the stand display from Doosan, which also includes the 14 tonne DX140LCR-5 crawler excavator, will be the first showing at the Ploughing show of the new DL280-5 wheel loader, designed specifically for agricultural applications. Adare will also be showing the Bobcat TL38.70HF Agri and TL34.65HF Agri telescopic loaders for the first time at the event. Part of a strong display of new Bobcat equipment will be the E35z, also being shown for the first time at the exhibition, part of the R-Series range of mini-excavators launched by Bobcat in 2018.   

The DL280-5 is the latest development in the high performance Doosan wheel loader range, which comprises 13 models – covering operating weights from 12 to 36 tonne. The DL280-5 offers high performance and high productivity with unbeatable breakout force, tipping load and enhanced output for all types of work around the farm, including feed management and work on silage and manure clamps. The DL280-5 can be equipped with a variety of attachments such as foldable silage forks and grabs, making it a very versatile and hard working machine for multiple jobs in agriculture.

Expanded Bobcat Telescopic Loader Range for Farming

The TL38.70HF Agri and TL34.65HF Agri models are part of an expanded choice of seven telescopic loader models for the farming market from Bobcat, covering maximum lifting capacities between 2.6 and 4.3 tonne with lifting heights from 6 to 8 m.

HF – High Flow technology is a key feature of the TL38.70HF and TL34.65HF models, offering outstanding hydraulic capabilities and performance with a class-leading 190 l/min load sensing pump and flow sharing distributor to combine all movements together.

To complete the picture, Bobcat now offers the entire range of telescopic loaders in three levels of finishing in the form of Agri equipment packages – Agri*, Agri** And Agri*** – to best meet farmers’ needs in terms of productivity and comfort.

Bobcat also offers a full line of telehandlers, including both rigid frame and rotary models for applications in construction, rental, recycling, waste and general industry, covering maximum lifting capacities between 2.6 and 5.0 tonne with lifting heights from 6 to 25 m.

Zero House Swing Advantage

The E35z is a new generation model in the popular 3.5 tonne machine class offering the additional benefits of Zero House Swing (ZHS). As a ZHS mini-excavator, the E35z offers easier transportability and more functionality than a Zero Tail Swing model, in the that the ZHS design fully protects the front upper structure corners within the swing circle. The R-Series range of five compact excavator models – the E26, E27z, E27, E34 and E35z – offers a best-in-class mix of high digging forces, superb stability and smooth controllability of working functions complemented by low weights for easy transportation.

Award-winning Family-run Dealership

Adare Machinery is an award-winning machinery dealership established by David and Marian Cuddy in 1984, which has developed into a fully-fledged family enterprise, with their son, William, and daughter, Caroline, involved in the running of the business. Together with an excellent team of staff, the Cuddys continue to innovate, expand and grow the business. 

For the Bobcat range, Adare Machinery is the Authorised Dealer for the whole of Ireland. As an Authorised Dealer for the Doosan Heavy range, Adare has exclusivity for sales and service in Munster and Connacht for Doosan crawler and wheeled excavators from 3 to 53 tonne and the Doosan range of wheel loader models with bucket capacities from 1.9 to 4.8 m3

Operating out of state-of-the-art premises at Patrickswell near the city of Limerick, Adare Machinery is also offering service and warranty work on all existing Doosan and Bobcat machines in its area, backed by a full selection of genuine accessories and parts. 

For more information about Bobcat and Bobcat products, visit the website

New opportunities for farmers in premium grains

Glanbia Ireland plans to double the acreage of gluten-free oats


Glanbia Ireland is aiming to extend the acreage sown to gluten-free oat crops amid increasing demand amongst consumers for these products.

Farmers are being urged to come and talk to the Glanbia Ireland Agronomy Team at the Ploughing Championships Block 2 – Row 5 – Stand 114 – to assess their farm’s suitability for growing the crop.

“Gluten-free oats is a premium grain and delivers better opportunities for farmers. We plan to double the acreage, albeit off of a small base, to keep pace with growing demands for gluten-free produce,” said Glanbia Ireland’s Head of Grains John Kealy.

The crop attracts a premium of €40/tonne over green wheat price, with all harvesting and transport carried out by Glanbia Ireland using dedicated gluten-free machinery. 

All seeds are purchased through Glanbia Ireland as the crop requires extremely strict specifications to deliver food-grade gluten-free produce.

Previously, Glanbia Ireland’s gluten-free oat crops were mainly grown in the Kildare, Laois and Carlow region. However, the Premium Grains team are looking to extend the landbase sown to gluten-free outside of this area in cases where farms can meet certain criteria.

Glanbia Ireland’s Grain Quality Operations Manager Mariea O’Toole said: “We are looking for farmers with suitable rotations on their land to suit this crop which has to be sown either after a non-cereal break crop or grass. There are specific requirements that a potential grower’s land has to meet before it would be considered suitable to sow this crop, such as having low levels of wild oats or invasive brome.

“There are other factors that have to be taken into account such as farm size and field access, as dedicated gluten-free machinery would have to be brought to the area for harvest.”

Nurney National School Fundraising

Nurney national school who along with our partners St John’s church and Nurney villa soccer club are fundraising at the ploughing with a draw with a holiday theme. We ve a €2000 holiday voucher, a bbq, a stena line voucher for a ferry trip and a hamper of local artisan products. We re located at catering area A near gate 5 and have lots of local prizes each day.
Our goal is 2 fold. Theres the money aspect – the school uses the funds like most to break down the costs of buses, extra curricular etc for families, the church needs on going maintenance and the soccer club (longest established in the carlow league) is buying and developing a new pitch and walking track in the village – we don’t have much else here! So the money will be gladly recieved. But as important to us is the coming together of the 3 main things in our community and the building of relationships between people and giving a sense of purpose and direction to a rural area.