Dairymaster will be at stand no. 93 in Block 2 on Row 4 showcasing the latest in dairy equipment and milking technology.
For the first time, Dairymaster has introduced artificial intelligence to rotary milking systems and their Mission Control  system– shortlisted for an award will be on display at the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Arena on stand no. 273
The equipment and solutions on display on stand no. 93 will include products from all categories including: Milking, Feeding, Cooling, Scrapers and Herd Health and Fertility Monitoring systems.

However the main focus for Dairymaster at the Ploughing is around milking systems both upgrades and new installations of Rotary parlours, Swing parlours and Fast Exit parlours.

This year has seen an increasing range of dairy equipment installed on Irish dairy herds.  In particular, Rapid Exit and Rotary Parlours have been very popular with milk producers as these parlours milk more cows in less time using less labour.

In Britain a published DairyCo report has revealed that choosing a rotary parlour as opposed to automatic milking systems (AMS) can save as much as 7.8c/Litre.

So, for an Irish dairy farm with a herd of 200 cows -average yield of 6,000L, this can make a difference of €93,600 in gross margin alone.

As herds are increasing in size, the need for efficiency in milking has grown even more important.

For farmers who want to go the automation route, Dairymaster’s intelligent technology boosts efficiency by controlling all functions from milking to feeding to drafting and seamlessly integrates with its MooMonitor+ health and fertility monitoring system.

Other new products on display include the CleanSweep Rope Scraper, Swiftflo Pivot Bailing, the energy saving VSaver system and Chlorine free detergents.

The CleanSweep Rope Scraper gives the dairy farmer fast and effective cleaning. It is easy to install, has variable running speeds, low running costs and is suitable for slatted or extra-long passages.

The Swiftflo pivot bailing is adjustable to suit all cow types with seamless cow exiting and the option of parallel. It is long life as it has heavy duty modular construction.

When milking is complete the bailing system lifts clear of the cows ensuring they have the optimum amount of space in order to make a rapid exit.

The Dairymaster VSaver rapidly optimises pump speed according to air demand for the parlour.

As a result motors use less current during normal operation. Typically there is 50-80% less energy consumption.

The Dairymaster team on the stand available to advise milk producers will include the CEO, Professor Edmond Harty, John Harty, Dr John Daly, Pat Ryan,
Niall O’ Hanlon and other dairy and product specialists. 


Bambrew are a small start up business based in Milltownpass, Co Westmeath.

The company was started by Siobháin & René in November 2018 as they felt they had to do something to stem the tide of all the plastics being used daily in Ireland, where the plastic more than likely ends up floating in the ocean, therefore harming marine life and also ending up in landfill. They decided to start a business providing more sustainable solutions/alternatives to single use plastics.

They began with reusable bamboo coffee cups and also glass coffee cups. They love their coffee but when they realised how many single use coffee cups they used weekly, they felt they must try and make a change no matter how small.

Did you know that 22,000 single use coffee cups are disposed of in Ireland EVERY HOUR, that is 528,000 every day& 200 MILLION every year. These cups cannot be disposed of in recycling bins.

You may think that your disposable cup is recyclable because it is made largely from paper, but this is not the case. There is a plastic coating which is fused to the paper making the cups waterproof but also difficult to recycle.

Even ‘compostable’ cups are rarely composted as they require very specific facilities and conditions and need to be commercially composted at a waste facility.

Siobhain & René’s main aim is to bring awareness to these issues & to encourage people to use a reusable cup instead of a single use cup.
Over the coming months, they extended their range of products to include stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic bottles, bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel straws in a linen pouch, beautiful rainbow colours and silver & bamboo cutlery sets in pouches. All of these products can be taken with you everywhere saving you using plastic single use products.

A lot of the coffee shops are now giving a discount if you bring your reusable cup and if you are no longer buying water in plastic bottles then you will be saving yourself a fortune in no time whilst doing your bit for a greener planet.

Bambrew will be exhibiting their eco friendly products in The Hub : Dolmen – retail & Business Marquee – Block 3 Row 29 – Stand 646 – Unit No. 9, pop in and say hi, who knows you may find something to start you off of your zero waste free journey, so join them on the reuse revolution !

As they say ‘Small steps are better than none’ & ‘if you can’t reuse it, refuse it’

Irish Kidney Association-organ donor awareness at National Ploughing Championships

The first day of the National Ploughing Championships 2019 marks the 10th anniversary of a hugely significant organ donor awareness event. The 17th September 2009, ten years ago, was the day when Emmy Award winning screenwriter Frank Deasy passed away from liver cancer. An radio  interview just days before with his old friend RTE broadcaster Joe Duffy on Liveline about his plight and what he described as being like ‘on death row’ while waiting for a liver transplant spurred a huge public response and surge in organ donor card requests to the Irish Kidney Association. Sadly Frank passed away in the same week  whilst undergoing a liver transplant operation. Frank’s remarkable legacy remains unprecedented, generating a massive public response with over 15,000 individual requests for organ donor cards in just one week. A couple years after Frank’s passing, Joe became a national ambassador for organ donor awareness, a role which he held for three years,  and he continues to advocate for organ donation and highlighting the plight of people with organ failure.

The Irish Kidney Association is proud of its new Exhibition Trailer which is making its first reveal at the 2019 National Ploughing Championships in Ballintrane, Carlow where it is now in situ (photos attached) at Stand no. 607, Row 26. The National Ploughing Championships offer an important platform for the Irish Kidney Association to promote the work it does as a registered charity organisation which advocates for dialysis and transplant patients and their families as well as being charged with the promotion and distribution of organ donor cards in Ireland. The Ploughing Championships provide a huge organ donor awareness opportunity and the Irish Kidney Association team will be distributing organ donor cards and providing information to the public from its new Exhibition Trailer on the subject of organ donation over the three days. For organ donor cards Freetext DONOR to 50050.

We wish the Championships organisers another hugely successful event.


What is homer?

For those seeking to reconnect with a move back to their home place or those downsizing on their family land, homer offers a practical, affordable, alternative to the standard planning process.

With considered, energy-efficient designs and a transparent online process, homer navigates all areas of the planning application.

Planning Expertise

homer provides a planning application service with architecturally designed homes for modern living in rural Ireland. homer is a growing company based in the West of Ireland, led by architects Elizabeth Clyne and John Monahan. With their expertise in the planning process and a passion for quality design, homer provides a stress-free, value for money, planning experience for its clients. homer streamlines the planning process while providing economical architecture, that fits into the surrounding landscape.

Inspired by our Landscape

homer is rooted by a deep commitment to conserving our natural landscape and built environment. homer’s considered, energy-efficient designs, integrate into the site and surrounding topography, thus respecting the landscape. homer looks to the vernacular and is inspired by the buildings of the past that blend into their surroundings. homer’s designs have cultural continuity while providing a place for the modern Irish dweller.

To suit your lifestyle

homer’s designs aspire to enhance life in rural Ireland. External covered entrances, mudrooms, plenty of storage space and laundry rooms take the stress out of rural living. homer’s designs feature a double-height living space, a garden porch, a veranda and a reading nook.

homer makes it easy to designate an area or a room of your house to a work or play area, allowing a flexible work environment that suits your needs. These features create a modern, architectural home that adapts to your lifestyle.

Designed for a Sustainable Future

homer has created energy-efficient designs that will reduce the impact on the environment. The form and layout of the design provide a compact but spacious floor area, creating an efficient thermal envelope.

Take the IT Carlow Tractor Challenge at the National Ploughing Championships!

Do you fancy your chances in a ‘Formula 1 Tractor’ challenge? Could you beat All-Black Richie McCaw’s 1km time of one minute on a Watt Bike? Can you jump like an elite athlete or handle creepy crawlies calmly?

Visitors to this year’s Ploughing Championships (17th-19th September) will have the opportunity to find these out and more with a visit to the Institute of Technology Carlow tent over the three days of the championships.  This year sees the Institute host its biggest-ever stand with a 15square metre marquee located near the NPA office and adjacent to the catering area.

Inside, attendees can experience the fascinating world of agri science, computing and gaming, health science and environmental science courtesy of a team of academics, volunteers – and some VIP guests – from the Carlow and Wexford campus of Institute of Technology Carlow.

“Anyone who visits the IT Carlow marquee at the Ploughing this year can happily while away the time experiencing first-hand fascinating facts and participating in fun challenges across our many disciplines, including Engineering, Science, Computing, Health, Sport and Lifelong Learning across our three campuses of Carlow, Wexford and Wicklow. Our academic staff have worked really hard to bring the worlds of science, agri, engineering, health and computing to life”, said organiser Dr. Karen Hennessy, Head of Wexford Campus.

Visitors will have the opportunity to sit into a Formula 1 car built by IT Carlow’s  engineering students, try out gaming students award-winning video games and even test themselves with a tractor racing simulator. The fastest lap will receive a real track day experience at Mondello Park.

The agri/sciences stand is where visitors can learn about grazers from the inside out, meet Rosey the science spider and discover the importance of creepy crawlies and amazing microbes.

“All of our programmes will be represented at the Ploughing Championship across Business, Humanities, Sport, Science, Computing, Engineering and the Wexford Campus and, of course, people will have the opportunity to learn about our courses in agribusiness, aquabusiness and brewing and distilling. We will have a few VIP guests dropping in too so the IT Carlow tent will be buzzing over the three days of the Ploughing Championships”, said Dr. Hennessy.

The Institute of Technology Carlow marquee is located at Block 4, Row 18, No. 395


Quietly distilled in West Cork, Mad March Hare Irish Poitín is part of a national revival of Poitín as an emerging, modern, innovative and vibrant category, led by independent Irish producers. Poitín is of the oldest spirits in the world, dating from the 6th century, and was traditionally the spirit of choice for the average Irish man or woman. In contrast, Irish Whiskey was the beverage of choice for the elite, with the majority exported overseas and was known as Parliament Whiskeybecause of the taxes levied on it and its popularity in Great Britain.


Well known for its chequered history, Poitín was illegal from 1661 to 1997 after the British Crown tried unsuccessfully to tax it to extinction. Despite the best efforts of the law, Irelands love affair with Poitín never died and it was secretly distilled for over 300 years, remaining an integral part of everyday Irish life. Elusive distillers shifted production to the remotest parts of Ireland, to avoid the prying eyes of the law and most town-lands had their own beloved producers and smugglers whose escapades were the subject of fireside tales.


Mad March Hare Irish Poitín was inspired by a legendary bootlegger and Poitín maker called Mooney. On the face of it, Mooney said locally to be Mad as a March Hare, was a fruit and veg market trader, but this was really a front for his far more lucrative Poitín business. Such was the demand for Mooney’s famous Poitín, he braved the wildest Irish weather and the long arm of the law to serve his loyal customers. Mad March Hare is distilled in the spirit of Mooneys famous recipe, Recipe No. 27.


Mad March Hare is a craft spirit, triple distilled in copper pots using locally grown barley. Commonly used to distill whiskey and brandy, copper pot stills were first used in the production of Irish Poitín Poitín or Potcheenmeans small potin Irish. That long and rich tradition is retained at Mad March Hare, as copper has catalytic properties that more modern column stillscannot match. Poitín, which can be brewed, fermented and distilled from cereals, grain, whey, sugar beet molasses and/or potatoes is a clear, non-aged spirit. Mad March Hare uses only the best, locally sourced, malted barley from farmers within a couple of miles of the stills. The mash bill is 95% malted barley, 5% whey and the spirit is triple distilled, filtered and bottled at 40% for a smooth finish.


Poitín is an extremely versatile spirit, and has grown to become an essential component of the modern cocktail scene, as an ideal alternative white spirit. It works well in a simple mule, such as the Mad March Mulecocktail made with 2oz Mad March Hare, 1oz Ginger Beer, Fresh Lime and Bitters, a house drink at Bar 1661, the worlds first Poitín focused cocktail bar. An excellent base in a craft cocktail, Poitín is also a great alternative to whiskey in an Irish coffee, or for the purists, it can be enjoyed sipped along with a pint of plain.


Since being legalised in 1997 Irish Poitín has grown as a category with 13 distilleries now operating on the island of Ireland, with different regional styles and mash bills. In 2008 Irish Poitín gained the protection of Geographical Indicator (GI) status under EU rules(similar to Champagne in France), and Bord Bia has gone on to facilitate the establishment of the Irish Poitín Collective, made up of Poitín producers from all over the island. Since its release in 2014 Mad March Hare Irish Poitín has been a key player in the emerging Poitín category and has picked up a number of awards. The 700ml bottle has a RRP of 40.00 (40% ABV) and is distributed throughout Europe and the USA through independent Irish company Intrepid Spirits, who are committed to bringing innovative and resurgent brands to the marketplace. Mad March Hare is proud to be served at Bar 1661, the flagship cocktail bar for Irish Poitín, alongside the very best Irish Poitíns being produced on this island.


As a nation with a long history, and a longer memory, Poitín was traditionally drank at home and amongst friends in shared in a gesture of trust that bound many friendships and partnerships together. The Mad March HareMooney wouldnt have gotten very far if his customers told the taxman about him! Poitín has evolved into a unique spirit of craftsmanship, high quality, and versatility to be celebrated as part of our modern Irish culture. At Mad March Hare, we are proud to be playing our part in the revival of Irelands most original spirit and see Poitín taking its rightful place as an icon of world spirits. John Ralph, founder and CEO of Intrepid Spirits.




Get into the rebel spirit at the Ploughing!

Mad March Hare Irish Poitín will be at the National Ploughing Championships in Co. Carlow, 17th-19th September.

Try complimentary samples of Mad March Mule cocktails at the Mad March Hare cart at Stand 645 in the Dome

Waikato Milking Systems offer complete solution for farmers in Ireland

Milking parlours and dairy management systems, designed to make life easier for farmers and their cows, will be part of the product offering from Waikato Milking Systems at this year’s National Ploughing Championships.


The company’s European sales manager Gillian Fullerton-Smith said she is looking forward to showing farmers how the Waikato brand can help them grow the value of their dairy.


She said being part of the 88th Ploughing Championships is a great opportunity to catch up with some familiar faces in the dairy industry as well as speak to new customers over the three-day event, from September 17-19 at County Carlow in Ireland.


Gillian will also be a key note speaker at the NZTE/Enterprise Ireland discussion on improving farm productivity, at the show event on September 19.


 Along with milking parlours and dairy management systems, Waikato Milking Systems will also showcase its full range of milking automation products including cutting-edge udder health detection technology.


The company will also demonstrate how its Electronic Milk Meters and accurate feed to yield technology can help lift dairy farm production.


Collectively, the products offer a simple and robust system to meet all farmers’ requirements, Gillian says.


With the abolition of European milk quota regulations, farmers in Ireland have been exploring the possibility of herd and milking system expansion.


Gillian says more Irish farmers are turning to rotary platforms to manage large herds.


Waikato Milking Systems rotary parlours are world-renowned for enabling one person to manage the milking requirements of large herds.


The company’s Centrus Composite Rotary Platform and its Orbit Concrete Rotary Platforms are versatile milking options which can be tailored to any size.


In the past few years customers in Ireland have installed 40-bail rotary platforms, up to 70-bail, for example.


Gillian says adding the company’s NaviGate Dairy Management System and its Milking Automation products to a milking parlour can really help a farmer improve throughput and productivity.


NaviGate acts as an extra pair of hands in the parlour. It can monitor the milking performance of each cow, its weight, heat cycle and health. It will also automatically sort the cows when they exit the parlour.


The data helps farmers make decisions to improve the overall productivity and profitability of the herd and farm.


Waikato Milking Systems, Milking Automation options help control, monitor and customise a dairy’s operation.


Management and automation technology can be fitted to rotary or in-line milking parlours, at a level defined by the farmer.


Gillian said the plug ‘n’ play feature of both platform types allows further technology upgrades later on or when the budget allows.


In-line parlours remain an efficient and economical solution for smaller commercial herds in Ireland.


They require a smaller building footprint than a rotary platform and still a favoured system for many family operations.


Waikato Milking Systems offers three in-line systems, including the Supa4 Mid-Line System, Loopline Mid-Line System and the Low-Line System.


“It’s about helping farmers find the total solution, helping them grow the value of dairy, using local people with local dealers in the Ireland,” Gillian says.


To view examples of our milking parlours, visit the Waikato Milking Systems Facebook page or YouTube channel.


Waikato Milking Systems will be at the National Ploughing Championships, Ballintrane, Fenagh, County Carlow, from September 17-19, site Block No.2, Row No.1, Stand No.2.

Irish Heart Foundation offering free heart health checks at the National Ploughing Championships

Blood pressure & pulse checks, lifestyle advice and heart health information at Row 31, Stand 653


Dublin, 09 September 2019: The Irish Heart Foundation is calling on farmers and attendees at this year’s National Ploughing Championships in Fenagh, Co. Carlow to visit its stand at Row 31, Stand 653 from September 17th – 19th to receive a free heart health check.


Attendees will receive a free blood pressure check, pulse check, lifestyle advice and heart health information during their visit while experiencing the work the Irish Heart Foundation does in communities across Ireland in the fight against heart disease and stroke. Through a virtual reality tool, ‘A Journey into your Heart’, attendees can view a heart that is experiencing atrial fibrillation in 3D. The Irish Heart Foundation’s presence at the National Ploughing Championships is supported by Pfizer Bristol-Myers Squibb.


High blood pressure is the leading cause of stroke and heart attack in Ireland and is a silent killer while people with atrial fibrillation (irregular pulse) who are not treated are five times more likely to have a stroke. People with high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation often have no symptoms. 80% of premature heart disease and stroke is preventable and it is important that the public take the opportunity to receive their free check and help catch these conditions in time.


Marese Damery, Health Check Manager with the Irish Heart Foundation, said: “Research has shown that farmers are a high-risk group for heart disease and stroke. The Irish Heart Foundation has been providing health checks to farmers at marts since 2013 through our Farmers Have Hearts programme. 80% of farmers who have attended these checks were at risk of heart disease and stroke so we are delighted to be attending the National Ploughing Championships which gives farmers, their families and friends an opportunity to get checked for free.

We support farmers and people in all communities in living longer, healthier lives and by providing these free heart health checks and health information, we aim to help people make positive changes to their lifestyles.”

Dr Declan O’Callaghan, Medical Director, Pfizer Healthcare Ireland, said: Pfizer is delighted to support the Irish Heart Foundation’s presence at the National Ploughing Championships this year in Carlow. We would encourage everyone attending to visit for their free heart health check and use the virtual reality tool to get an insight into your heart.”

Proudly Made in Africa

We are a social enterprise focused on trade not aid with Africa – our goal is to create jobs in Africa through building market links with the world.  We believe helping people earn their own living enables them to lift themselves out of poverty and stop relying on handouts. 


On our stand next week, we’ll be showing off the best of the best food products that Africa has to offer and most of the producers have more than one Irish connection.  We’ll be doing spicy sauce sampling and gourmet chocolate tasting and visitors will have a chance to buy what they like knowing that they’re contributing to the charity’s aims

Landini introduces114-140hp V-Shifttractorwith CVT transmission at The Ploughing

A new Landini tractor that brings all the control, efficiency and driver comfort benefits of a stepless CVT transmission lower down the horsepower scale will make its first appearance in Ireland at the National Ploughing Championships in September.

The Landini 6-145C LS V-Shift is a variant of the popular 6C Series, previously only available with semi-powershift transmissions; the new V-Shift transmission provides ultimate driving ease in the yard with a loader, in the field with an implement or on the road with a trailer, spreader or tanker.

Landini sales director Ben Agar says: “This is a very advanced transmission in terms of its capabilities and the benefits it offers over a powershift but it’s also quite simple and provides a driving experience that operators say is much easier and more comfortable while enabling them to get the most out of the machine.”

The Landini 6C V-Shift is powered by a 4.5-litre Euro Stage IV engine from FPT Industrial (successor to the Iveco engines business) with power outputs of 114hp, 121hp and 130hp for cultivations, ploughing and other types of draft work.

Dual Power automatically engages when using mobile pto-driven equipment and when travelling on the road to boost those outputs to 121hp, 133hp and 140hp.

The V-Shift transmission, designed, engineered and assembled by Landini manufacturer Argo Tractors at its extensive factory complex in northern Italy, provides control and comfort benefits in all three scenarios.

“Principle among these is infinitely variable ground speed control,” notes Will Doyle, Landini sales manager in Ireland. “The ability to precisely match ground speed to the task and working conditions results in optimum productivity, as well as optimum quality when it comes to operations such as stone and clod separation for potatoseedbeds.”

Work quality also benefits with pto-driven implements because of the control system’sability to maintain consistent engine and power take-off shaft speed by automatically adjusting the transmission ratio to compensate for inclines or when moving from tougher areas of soil when using a power harrow or tiller.

“On the road, driving a Landini 6C Series V-Shift tractor is as easy as driving an automatic car,” Will Doyle points out. “Simply engage ‘forwards’ using the shuttle and use the accelerator pedal to regulate your speed.

“The engine/transmission control electronics take care of the rest and once at a comfortable cruising speed will automatically spool up the transmission ratio while bringing the revs down to use less fuel and give the operator a quieter ridewhile concentrating solely on steering and the road conditions ahead.”

V-Shift versions of the Landini 6-145C come to ‘LS’ spec as standard, which means they get load-sensing variable output hydraulics with up to 110-litre/min from the pump.

Thanks to a dedicated gear pump for steering and auxiliaries such as the four-wheel drive and pto clutch packs, the main pump’s entire flow is available to the 5400kg rear linkage and optional 2500kg front linkage, and to the spool valves.

Mechanical valves are standard but electronic versions can be specified with timing and flow adjustments made through the touch-screen display that is also used to select different transmission modes and settings.

Cab and front axle suspension is available on 40kph versions of the Landini 6C V-Shift tractors and installed as standard with the 50kph gearing option together with oil-immersed disc brakes in the front axle.

The highly-effective suspension front axle has wishbone mountings for each wheel to allow independent movement for maximum traction on a rough surfaceand ultimate comfort in all situations.

McCormick tractors for tillage and grassland to feature at The Ploughing

Active on-farm demonstrations by dealers in Ireland have helped bring home to farmers the features and benefits of the latest crop of higher-horsepower McCormicktractors that will be exhibited at The Ploughing – the Irish National Ploughing Championships being held on September 17-19 at Ballintrane, Co Carlow.

The 205hp boosting to 225hp flagship of the McCormick X7 Series has been doing the rounds, impressing with the power and torque delivery from the six-cylinder Betapower engine produced by FPT Industrial, the successor to the Iveco diesels business.

“This tractor is the new P6-Drive version, which has a very fine transmission that puts six-step powershift speed variation at the operator’s fingertips within each of the five ranges,” notes Will Doyle, Ireland sales manager at McCormick manufacturer Argo Tractors.

“There’s more ratios in the important spread of ground speeds needed for most field work and for added comfort and ease of use, there’s ‘intelligent’ auto-shifting for both field and road that adapts to the operator’s performance demands and makes the tractor even more productive.

“The only way to fully appreciate these features and discover how good today’s McCormick tractors are is through a field test, which our dealers would be happy to arrange,” said Will Doyle.

Six-cylinder models in the McCormick X7 Series start at 151hp for draft work boosting to 165hp for pto implement applications and road travel, a characteristic mirrored on the other four models in a line-up that tops out with the 205/225hp X7.690 P6-Drive.

This means the tractors slot neatly into the range beneath the bigger, heavier McCormick X8 VT-Drive series, which comprises three models with 264hp, 286hp and 310hp outputs, all suited to heavy tillage work and also grassland work hauling big forage wagons or operating wide triple mower sets.

There is also a trio of four-cylinder models in the McCormick X7 Series with engine outputs from 141-176hp, a choice of P6-Drive powershift and VT-Drive stepless transmissions, and (with P6-Drive) a choice of Efficient or more advanced Premium specifications.

ISOBUS implement control for the optional 12in touch-operated Data Screen Manager display and Topcon Agriculture precision farming technologies can be added to the tractors’ comprehensive equipment list.

For less power-demanding work, the McCormick X6.4 Series tractors being featured at The Ploughing provide the optimum solution – as recognised by the Tractor of the Year 2018 title awarded to the series-topping X6.440 VT-Drive.

This 130hp tractor with 140hp available to pull trailed equipment on the road and drive pto-powered implements in the field can be had with a 36-speed powershift or the VT-Drive stepless transmission, plus a choice of spec levels to suit different applications and budgets.

Irish Angus Exhibition Centre – THE place to be at the National Ploughing Championships 2019!

The Irish Angus Exhibition Centre at the National Ploughing Championships will be a hive of activity throughout the three-day event, featuring an impressive display of elite Irish Angus cattle, exhibits from secondary school students taking part in the Certified Irish Angus Schools Competition and much more!


Schools competition

The stand will host five secondary school student groups that are finalists in the next instalment of a unique agricultural competition which aims to encourage second level students to gain an understanding about the care and attention that is required to produce and market the highest quality beef for consumers.


On Wednesday 18th September at 5pm, RTE’s Miriam O’Callaghan will present the students with the bovine passports for their calves at a special event for family and friends. Following the event, the students will take their animals home where they will rear them until their slaughter in Autumn 2020, assisting in their Agricultural Science studies for the Leaving Cert.


The competition, which is now in its sixth year, will welcome students from St. Louis Community School, Kiltimagh Co. Mayo; Moate Community School, Co. Westmeath; Sligo Grammar School; St. Aloysius College, Co. Cork and Castleknock College, Dublin who were announced as finalists after a competitive application process earlier this year.

In addition, twenty-five of Ireland’s top Irish Angus cattle, including the champions from the Irish Angus All-Ireland competition at Strokestown Show and the Irish Angus Championship at Iverk Show will be on display. 


The owners and breeders of these cattle, along with the Irish Angus Producer Group and their processing partners, ABP and Kepak will be on hand to offer advice and tips to farmers on the merits of Irish Angus and details of the guaranteed premium available to Irish Angus farmers. 

Kiernan Milling celebrating 40th Anniversary


O’Donovan Engineering 40th years in business

This is our 40th year in business, a big deal for us as we move into the second generation of the O’Donovan family with Deirdre and Damien junior now leading figures in the company. At O’Donovan Engineering, our motto is “quality and innovation give us the edge” – and this is the standard we hold ourselves to. We have several patented products like our Cow Pow moving barrier system

Craft Shapes Ireland Local Family Business to take a stand at the National Ploughing Championships for the first time

Craft Shapes Ireland is a family run business based on a family farm in Bunclody, 10 Miles from this years NPA site. Brain Child of husband and wife duo Melvin and Maria Porter the young business is to exhibit at the national ploughing for the first time this year.

“ We are so excited at the thoughts of our young business to have its very own stand at the ploughing this year” Maria Said. “It has been on the bucket list since we started this business as I have been attending the ploughing annually since I was a child” said Melvin. Growing up on a farm it has always been one of the highlights of our year, going to the ploughing and absorbing the electric atmosphere it has to offer, and now the fact that Maria and I are actually going to be exhibiting gives me goosebumps at the thoughts of it”


“Our business was launched at the beginning of 2016 when we spotted a niche in the market for Irish crafting shapes and blanks, I had been a crafter and wanted to buy Irish but couldn’t, Melvin has always been interested in working with wood so we both decided that if we cannot buy Irish then why not Supply Irish!… The rest is history!” Says Maria


Our business has developed since it was born and we have now extended our offering to Craft supplies such as, Paint, glue, embellishments, solid wooden boxes,  basically all you need to finish the crafting blanks into masterpieces. As a crafter herself Maria also creates finished gifts too.


What was the motivation to base our business on the family farm? “Well like with all generations there is the matter of succession on the farm, and that had a part to play in it” Melvin said “Being small farmers we knew we would need to supplement our income but also be available to help on the farm as and when we were needed, we also have a young family and to have support near us to help with the children was a fundamental need when getting a business off the ground…as they say It takes a village!”


Our stand at the ploughing Championships is definitely the highlight of our year so far, we cannot wait to meet our customers and show new customers what this local family business is made of! This year we are launching our Christmas gift collection at the show to include solid wood Christmas eve boxes, Santa trays and family Christmas signs. We also have a brand new, never seen before selection of children’s door and wall plaques that can be personalised on the day ready to go to their new home.


We are so excited and cannot wait to see you there! The Hub tent, Unit 53. IF you cant make the ploughing you can find us at www.craftshapesireland.ie

SCHURR Cow-Brush

This year we do have a new SCHURR cow-brush with SOLAR PANEL with us!

New product for Ireland – see pics attached.

Best cow-comfort with “GREEN” power for Irish farmers.

It’s ideal for irish farmers to help to increase the milk performance of their irish cows!


For further information please contact me.

Or come to our booth #Block 2 #Row no. 1 #Stand no. 21

“Gorteade Cow Care”

Waikato Milking Systems helps farmers convert to rotary milking platforms

Former Olympian Jamie Costin admits to being a bit nervous about the logistics of installing a new rotary milking machine to replace his tired herringbone system.


“It was a big undertaking, I had electricians, plumbers and all sorts around our farm. I’m not a building site manager but I just took a lot of advice and learned on the job,” Jamie said.


“In the end the installation was done efficiently and quickly, so I was happy.”


The foundation for Jamie’s new shed and 54-bail Orbit Concrete Rotary Platform, from Waikato Milking Systems in New Zealand, was set in February 2019.


The completed dairy parlour, at his County Waterford property in south-east Ireland, was commission in June, 2019.


Like other farmers in Ireland, the abolition of milking quotas opened the doors for Costin to increase his herd.


“We were milking about 150 cows on a 20-unit herringbone but we slowly moved our heard up to 350 cows after the quotas finished.


“I was milking three or more hours in the morning and then three hours in the evening, without any feeders in the parlour.


“It was getting tough so I knew things had to change and I started researching what the options were.”


Jamie thought about expanding his existing herringbone but ideally wanted to be in a situation where he could run the milking parlour by himself, if needed.


“I started researching rotary platforms. I had no experience working with them so I decided to educate myself and took a look at other farms that were using them.


“I spent a couple of months in the spring actually milking on other farms’ rotaries to see what it was like for myself.


“I was just impressed with the efficiency and the number of cows that you could milk on a rotary platform, in a short time.”


It was for that reason Jamie decided to select a rotary parlour and took some advice from Waikato Milking Systems European Sales Manager Gillian Fullerton-Smith.


“The installation was a big undertaking but it was good to have someone like Gillian to work with, who was able to take me through the process.”


Rotary parlour technology is likely to be a talking about at the Irish Ploughing Championships in September.


The Waikato Milking Systems team will be there, among other topics, to talk up the advantages of switching over to rotary machines to manage larger herds.


Jamie’s Orbit rotary has allowed him to cut down each milking session from about 3.5 hours to an hour and 10 minutes.


He said the farm started using the new rotary in June 2019.


He was very selective when it came to adding technology to the new parlour.


“Again, I tried to educate myself around the options, with the aim of making it a one-man operation.”


He selected three options, including BailGate Control, to help him manage the animals on the platform; SmartSPRAY to ensure the health of the cows’ teats, and ECRs, to reduce time removing the cups.


“Those are the three things I needed to be able to run the parlour by myself.


“I don’t need the other technology options yet but I know that somewhere down the road I can add on, that should be easy.”


Jamie said it took a bit of work to get the herd used to the rotary platform the first time.


“They’ve got their own pecking order and it took a few days for them to get used to the rotary.


“Once they got a sniff of the feed in the parlour, it was easy.


“Now the cows are walking onto the rotary platform themselves, doing their laps and walking off. They’re really happy.”


Jamie said there was plenty of interest in his Orbit rotary during the first month of its operation.


“There will be plenty of farmers like us, who are milking on their 24-30-unit herringbone, and looking for something more efficient.


“There are a lot of farmers growing their herd up to 300 or more, and they’re converting to a rotary to make milking easier.”


Jamie said his work with Gillian Fullerton-Smith during the installation showed there was keen interest from others in the Waikato rotary platforms.


“I know that Gillian has been very busy meeting with other customers. There are others looking to move to rotaries who are about six months behind us, in their planning process.”


Jamie said switching milking platforms can be an expensive move but his advice to other farmers is to plan correctly and “know what you want first”.


“I know it’s not for everyone, there is a margin of gain. If you have 200-250 cows you might be better off with a Herringbone but for us, a rotary suits us well.


“I wouldn’t rule out increasing our herd in the future, that’s why I went with a 54-bail rotary system. I’ll be able to get more cows through, it’ll be more efficient.


“One person can operate the machine, milking the cows quickly, without being under so much pressure.”


Jamie represented Ireland at the Olympics, European and World Championship level in athletics (walk racing), for more than a decade before returning to the family farm.


“That (athletics) was my fulltime occupation from about 1998 to 2012. I spent a lot of time in New Zealand, in Hamilton and Auckland, training during the summer there.


“It was a different experience but one which I’ve been able to take into farming because sport is a high level activity where you have to plan well and have an optimistic attitude.


“So I think that’s helped me a lot with planning, setting goals and achieving on the farm.”


Jamie said he was happy to be able to take over the family farm from his father when he finished his athletics career. He has three workers helping in the spring and two during the rest of the year.


“My father is retired now. I appreciate the encouragement he gave me and the way he accepted me, when I came home to take over the family farm.”