Its been 12 years since Zero Grazer came to its 1st ploughing champsionships . From knowing very little about who they were, what zero grazing was, time has shown this company were many years ahead in farming trends. MD of Zero Grazer Niall O’Reilly advises, many people told us we were wasting our time, it would never take off…, it was nt long until they became customers!

Zero grazing, robotic milking, buffer feeding with grass, all common talk now among farming folk. Its no surprise that Zero Grazer continues to make the headlines. At this years ploughing in Tullamore the company take center stage, where their machinery will be used to zero graze the 40 dairy cows, being milked by the Lely Robot. A world 1st according to the organisers. No where in the world at any exhibition, has there been a zero grazing robot combination.

Here at Zero Grazer we’re looking foward to the whole set up and have been busy preparing, this last few weeks. The concept of zero grazing has been around decades, our company continue to prove it works and provide 15 different sizes of machines to carry out the job efficiently. Manufacturing close to the village of Dromone, Oldcastle in Co. Meath, with full inhouse control of engineering drawings, fabrication and painting process.

The company are using the Tullamore site to launch there new look ZG80, with the 2.3m (7ft 6) drum mower. Along side that, the ZG100 with its 2.6m 8ft6 disc mower will also be on show. This is the largest in the range and one of the more popular machines sold in 2016. While the AB70 completes the line up, feeding the cows at the live Lely milking demo.

Make sure to call to stand number 340 row 15 and see whats new at Zero Grazer.


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