We are PACDOG and are exhibiting on Block No.3 Row 33 Stand Number 779.

We have exhibited at the show since 2008 and would love any media exposure and invite customers to call to our stand where we will have deomo’s of all our equipment.

PACDOG was established in 1989, as an entrepreneurial, Irish business in Co Kilkenny, to design, manufacture and supply equipment which addresses the problems of conventional training, enabling users to train and contain their own dogs.

In just over 25 years, having supplied hundreds of thousands of PACDOG Remote Trainers,Containment Systems,Bark Controllers,High Vis Dog Leads and High Vis Dog Collars across the world,
they have saved the lives, or significantly improved, the ‘lot’ of a correspondingly huge number of dogs.

PACDOG System Experts are now a well-respected, leading international company, where, such is the success of its reliability, dependability, humaneness and customer service,
even today, much of its business still results from ‘word of mouth’ recommendations.

We also now supply the PAC Buzz Remote Trainer system, it gives the dog a tone pre-warning followed by a very strong vibration which gives the dog a “good shake” as correction to get his attention at a distance, it cannot give the stimulus.

Our new Dog Tracker Collar is the latest in dog tracking technology. Handles the tracking of your dog in real-time with a GPS receiver. Housed in a robust, yet comfortable collar. Also has a status led light. This, easily allows you to identify if the collar is broadcasting. This collar is used in combination with your smart phone. Android and Windows app available.  Which is packed full features.

This collar is capable of tracking your dog (or other animals) in real-time anywhere in the world. Call and here what you dog is hearing. Give commands through the collar. Change the reporting time. This collar uses GPS and GSM technologies, meaning that you will have coverage even in the most remote of areas. The app tells you the signal strength of the collar, battery status., and much, much more. All of this included in the purchase of the collar

Start a hunt or join an active hunt group.
See participants (incl hunting dog in real time)
Participant info (name, distance, phone number.)
Choosing roles (Hunter, Beater, dog etc.)
Free chat during hunting.
Speed dialling during hunting.
Hunting event marking, sharing with others
Setting target point
Marking down hunting objects and sharing (feeders etc.)
Zoom in and out with basic map, satellite, terrain and hybrid.

Plus many more features available with the premium version of the app ( including Measuring distances, setting dog or hunter as target point, movement history, hunt replay on Huntloc portal. and much, much more.)

Visit pacdog.ie for further details.


  • 1700 Exhibitors
  • 240,700 Visitors
  • Over 300 Competitors
  • Almost 2 million feet of Trade Space
  • Economic Impact of over €35 million