Irish-owned Cheetah Electric Fencing, established in 1973, had announced the launch of the Cheetah Fence Guard at this year’s National Ploughing Championships.

Cheetah Electric Fencing have been providing electric fence energizers and accessories to the Irish and Uk markets for many years, with customers including Glanbia, Aurivo, Dairygold to name a few. Cheetah Fence Guard is designed to provide the end user with a 24/7 monitoring service for their electric fence line. Fence Guard utilizes leading edge microcontroller and GSM technologies designed to operate in very harsh environments.


Fence Guard monitors your fence line activity continuously and notifies the end user via text message when a fault occurs.

Fence Guard allows you to switch your fence energizer on or off remotely using your mobile phone.

Fence Guard has a built in real clock. Fence Guard will automatically check the SIM card credit and notify you if the credit amount needs to be topped up. Fence Guard will also keep the SIM card active even when Fence Guard is not in use.

How it works?

Fence Guard is plugged into the mains and is connected to your fencer and fence line as seen in the image above. The Fence Guard contains a SIM card which is topped up by credit just like the SIM card in a mobile phone. This SIM is how your mobile phone communicates with Fence Guard.


There are many benefits to having Fence Guard.

  1. Fence Guard allows the farmer know when electric shock on their fence line is low. This is very beneficial to farmers especially if they have an out farm. For example if a branch falls on their fence line or their fence line is knocked down Fence Guard will detect the drop in voltage and will send a text message their phone.
  2. Fence Guard allows the farmer to switch on and off their electric fence remotely. This allows them to save time. An example of this would be if the farmer has a mains fencer and their fence line is around a field that is 2 miles from where the fence is plugged in. Before they had to walk back and forth to switch on and off the fencer while the fault was being fixed. Now they can just ring or text the Fence Guard without having to move away from the problem area.
  3. The Fence Guard allows farmers to know their fence line voltage reading without going out and physically testing it. The farmer can now just text the Fence Guard and it will send back the voltage reading in a text format.
  4. The farmer does not have to worry about checking credit or keeping the SIM active. Fence Guard will automatically keep the SIM active even when the unit is not in use by sending a message to their phone every three months. Fence Guard will check the SIM card credit and notify the farmer is the amount needs to be topped up.


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